[EN] Interview with Takatsuki Kanako (Seiyuu Animedia Nov 2016)

Translation of Seiyuu Animedia 2016 November Issue: Interview with Takatsuki Kanako.

Translated from CN by: @kuuxkat

Original TL in CN: Here by KomiyaKISS

Disclaimer: As this isn’t a direct JP - EN TL, the accuracy of the TL isn’t 100% guaranteed. I did my best to ensure that the context and the TL is as accurate as possible. As there’s no QC involved, please let me know if there’s any errors.

Images are also sourced from KomiyaKISS

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TL starts from the cut below:

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Love Live! Sunshine!! BD3 Cast Interview - Takatsuki Kanako

Q1. Please tell us what you like about the member that you are playing as.

She cares a lot about her friends, and does what she can for them with kindness, which I think is wonderful. Also, her dialect that slips out often and how she eats a lot! (laughs)

Q2. Which Aqours member would you get along the best with?

I think I’ll get along with Ruby-chan and give her sweets as presents everyday.

Q3. Please tell us any points of note in the 4th and 5th episode.

The conversation between the two of them and how the first years became the main focus. The burning friendship of the 1st years who pushed each other forward and advanced  forwards moved me to tears! No matter how many times I see it, I’m happy-zura!

Small cast interview by King that was included within the LLSS BD3 booklet! Thanks to Eternith to make it look pretty~

Full Image: Here

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