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Anonymous requested: Can you do an angst about Okasian where Cohort asks him about his sex life with you and he admits you hadnt done anything sexual despite you dating for 5 months. Since youre super innocent, shy, and vanilla. THANKS

before I even start writing let me just. DISCLAIMER. I am pretty new towards okasian and the cohort okay? If anyone is ooc or it just looks a bit weird that’s why. I am super open towards feedback so if you have any tips or tricks you wanna give me, by all means!

5 months ago…

Jiyong opened the door to the café where he was supposed to meet his labelmates at, looking around before finding them sitting in a booth near a window. “Took you long enough to get here.” Keith joked as Jiyong sat down. “Shut up, (Y/N) needed my help with something.”

There was a beat of silence as Keith, Reddy, Bryan and Jay all looked at each other before laughing. Jiyong let out a nervous laugh, looking around. “What? What’d I say?” “Needed help, eh? Was your dick the remedy?” Reddy stated before the table erupted in laughter again. Jiyong froze for a second, nervous laughter leaving him again as he rubbed the nape of his neck. “Nah, man. None of that.”

“What? You mean to tell me you two didn’t fuck before you got here?” Jay asked after his laughter subsided. Jiyong shook his head. “She was cooking something, that’s all.” “Tch, yeah right. As if you hadn’t hit that yet.”

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Sweet Talker - Giriboy

Okay let’s try this again lol I would like a Giriboy scenario where he wants to ask you out but he’s not really good at being smooth or romantic so he ends up being really terrible at the entire thing but you think it’s cute. Thank you so much in advance!! 😊

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Day 1:

“Would you stop doing that already?” Vasco groaned, his eyes staring at the pen that Siyoung was tapping on the table for the past twenty minutes. “What are you doing anyways?”

Siyoung looked up from the notepad in front of him and ripped off the sheet of paper, crumbling it in his hands. “It’s none of your business.”

“Ah, he’s probably trying to write something for his girlfriend,” Sungmin snickered, throwing himself onto the couch across from Siyoung.

“Fuck off, she’s not my girlfriend,” Siyoung said, rolling his eyes.

“Oh, but you wish she was,” Sungmin chuckled at the sight of Siyoung clearly getting annoyed by his words.

“Have you even talked her at all?” Daewoong looked up from his phone with an amused expression as he joined in on the teasing.

“I doubt it,” Sungmin mumbled under his breath followed by small chuckle.

Vasco stood up from his seat and made his way across the room, shaking his head at the two of them picking on Siyoung.

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