Funny Things in Kingdom Hearts II

-Twilight Town has gang wars
-“Hey, Rucksack"
-Sora accidentally joins the Chinese army
-Sora gets to be an airbender
-Shan Yu’s army is a bunch of little birdies
-Sora and co teasing Cerberus
-Xaldin’s accent
-Sora and Herc sassing Hades back
-Rikku, Paine, and Yuna are fairies?
-Cloud’s hairflip
-when Sora was eight he told everyone he didn’t believe in Santa
-Riku was the one who told him Santa wasn’t real
-Tifa’s first appearance she comes in, looks around, kicks a wall, and leaves
-Belle elbows Xaldin, steals back the rose, and has fun doing it
-the “abdabadabda” noise Jafar makes when you fight him
-you can beat up heartless while skateboarding by doing heel flips
-Sora, Donald, and Goofy voice-acting Scar’s ghost
-Aerith shutting down Leon with a look when he thinks she can’t handle the trouble by herself
-Aerith telling the MCP “Don’t talk with your mouth full”
-Kairi’s so hardcore she takes a RUNNING LEAP off that balcony
-Riku basically telling Donald and Goofy that they’re stupid
-skateboarding UP stairs


Gif request meme

favourite minor character [ 3 / 3 ] + kingdom hearts [requested by lockuhart]

“Hey, you! I’m looking for somebody. Have any of you seen a guy with spiky hair?”



“Sora, that’s NOT a valid answer!!”

Recently I’ve become pretty obsessed with a little blog called liverpepper☆ I can’t even pretend that I’m a huge fan of KH or FF (I played two games when I was a wee child), but this AU has captured my heart. These ridiculous meme-loving twins and their long-suffering dads are the most precious thing on tumblr. So, rather than do my homework, I decided to make this!

Jay, I hope I’ve been able to do justice to your lovely creation!! Thank you so much for these nerds!!!