So thats why he was really quiet when I teasingly asked him where are the flowers and chocolates (because its our monthsary btw), and how excited he was by telling me to go to my room. I was really surprised babe! He bought me my favorite milktea (we used to drink that everyday in China) and my fave! Lemon Square Cheese Cake! Haha! He remembers that I love that snack! After a very tiring day at work, you made me smile so much. Such a remedy babe. Really thank you thank you for doing this. I love you and Happy monthsary to us! 💕

Traffic Congestion Ahead: Giant Minion On The Road

Traffic Congestion Ahead: Giant Minion On The Road

Courtesy of Erin Van Londen

This is what happened when 40 ft. inflatable minion, Kevin, blew off it’s moorings from a fairground in Dublin. According to reports, “the giant minion caused traffic congestion for over 15 minutes,” when the winds kicked up around 3 pm on Monday and poor Kevin flopped onto Old Swords Road in Santry. 

The story made its way around the globe by Tuesday morning, even…

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