RAVI (@rravii0215):

속아주자..라고 할 정도로
믿음직스럽군요 제가..
아무리 가발이 좀 티난다해도ㅋㅋㅋ

I guess I’m reliable..to the point where you can say
Let’s pretend to be tricked..
Regardless of how obvious the wig wasㅋㅋㅋ
I failedd 


Ravi: Honey, why are you so pretty?
Ken: Thanks
Ravi: You look like a celebrity
Ken: Who?
Ravi: The one who sings well and has a big nose
What was that sound?
Ken: No, nothing
Ravi: Look at the camera, act cute
You’re wearing a big ring
Honey, have u been working out?
You’ve been working out hard, lifting
Ken: I have
Ravi: Bye

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx


If I, Ravi, were a Starlight, I would become member Ken’s fan. The reason is Ken’s appearance and voice are really cool. Though he has the weaknesses of being slow in getting ready, making mistakes in choreography, falling asleep while holding onto his phone and being bad at games, I still support Jaehwanie I love you Lee Jaehwan!!



RaKen /’Rah ken’/  

noun: 1. The ship that literally sails itself 2. Known as, “Idiot/Dumb Brothers” according to their One Fine Day 3. Ravi thinks Ken is the cutest person ever, despite his age, willingly clings and touches Ken 4. Chooses each other for everything (i.e. to date, to take on an island, etc.) 5. Very close members

synonyms: KenVi