Barbie and the Rockers 1987 

Barbie and the Rockers or Barbie and the Rock Stars (Europe), is the first animated film/series starring Barbie. There is also a line of dolls in which Barbie is the lead singer of a rock band. Here is Barbie performing along with Ken in their successful World Tour!

  • Directed by: Tim Hill
  • Produced by: Eric S. Rollman, Andy Heyward
  • Written by: Bill Dubay, Martha Moran, Ruth Handler
  • Starring: Sharon Lewis
  • Music by: Haim Saban, Shuki Levy
  • Edited by: John Carnochan, Derek Iversen
  • Distributed by: Hi-Tops Video, DIC Entertainment, Saban Productions
  • Release dates: 1987
  • Running time: 30 min

Source info: Wikipedia 

So, I was trying to find some meanings in Tokyo Ghoul’s characters names. So I went for their Kanjis and this is what I got (if I’m mistaken in some of them feel free to tell me, If you have a better interpretation/theory of the meaning just let me know). Based Ishida is based.

-Nishio Nishiki (西尾 錦) = “West”(nishi) “(Animal)Tail”(o), “Brocade, Fine dress”(Nishiki)
>His name means something like “Well dressed animal tail from the west”. If you think outside of the box, Animal Tail of the West could reffer to a serpent (who looks like a tail itself) and “well dressed” because some serpents has elegant colors.

-Mado Kureo (真戸 呉緒) = “Pure, Genuine”(Ma) “Door, entrance”(do), “To give”(Kure) “Cord, strap”(O)
>His entire name could be interpretated like a Suicide Assistant: To give a cord to enter in a pure and genuine door -heaven’s door?-.

-Tsukiyama Shuu (月山 習) = “Moon”(tsuki) “Mountain, hill”(yama), “Learn” (shuu)
>His name means something like Learning in the Mountain under the Moon.

-Kamishiro Rize (神代 利世) = “God”(Kami) “Subtitution”(shiro), “Advantage, profit”(Ri) “Generation” (ze -not sure about this one-)
>Her last name describes basically what happened between Kaneki and her: A subtitution of a god (ghoul). Her name means to “take profit or advantage of this generation” (could mean that because she’s a ghoul she can take advantage of her powers over humans so she became a compulsive eater)

-Kirishima Touka (霧嶋 董香) = “Mist”(kiri) “Island”(shima) or “territory of a organizated crime group”, “Correct”(Tou) “Fragance”(ka).

>Correct Fragance from the Mist of an Island (imo has a beautiful meaning).
>It’s curious that Sasaki said that he has a “Nose Kagune” or “Ghoul Nose” to clarify his ability at smelling things, and Touka literally means “Correct Fragance”

-Kaneki Ken (金木 研) = “Gold”(kane) “Tree”(ki), “Study”(ken). Interpretation: Study of Gold Trees.
>I’m not sure about it’s meaning. Gold Tree is usually refered to trees in autumn because their leaves’ colors.
>Something to notice is that if we replace the Kanji “Ken” in his name for this one 眼 (Ken) then It would mean “Eyeball”.

-Fueguchi Hinami (笛口 雛実) = “Flute”(Fue) “Opening Mouth”(Guchi), “Young Bird”(Hi) “Fruit”(nami)
>Her name means a Young Bird that eat Fruits (?) maybe because they are pretty?

-Arima Kishou (有馬 貴将) = “Exist, Happen”(Ari) Horse (ma), “Precious” (Ki) “Commander, Leader” (shou)
>His last name can be a reference for the Promoted Bishop (Horse) in Shogi, his name means Precious, valuable commander or leader.

-Amon Koutarou (亜門 鋼太朗) = “Sub-”(A) “Gate” “Division”(mon), “Steel”(Kou) “Thick”(ta) “Bright” “Clear” (rou)
>His last name could be referenced by his status of Mado’s apprentice (subdivision or subordinated) and his name means Clear Thick Steel (pretty cool uh?)

Well this is all I have for now. If you want me to analize another character’s name let me know.