Imagine Ravi lying in bed waiting for sexy time with Ken. The mood is right. They have the house to themselves for the day. Ken comes out of the bathroom in his birthday suit singing ‘rad future’ because Ravi has an embarrassment kink.

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ravi/ken - jaehwan whispers shyly, "mind if i sleep here tonight?"

When Wonshik goes to sleep that evening, he definitely does not expect anyone to wrap an arm around his waist in the dead of night.

He flinches when he wakes up; trying to make out the silhouette next to him in the bed, but it’s too dark in the room. A moment later, soft strands of hair tickle his nose and he breathes through them, smelling the familiar scent of one of the members’ shampoo. His ears perk up at the muffled sniffs coming from somewhere around his chest.

“Hyung,” he says in a hoarse, sleepy voice. “What are you doing here?”

Jaehwan pulls his head back, but his hold around Wonshik’s middle stays steady.

“Sorry,” Jaehwan mumbles. There’s something off with his voice, something that makes Wonshik’s heart feel heavy with concern. “Did I wake you up?”

Wonshik laughs, but tries to keep it as hushed as he can so as not to wake Sanghyuk in the other bed.

“Of course you did.” Wonshik suddenly realizes that the wetness on his own shirt and the tiny sniffling noises coming from Jaehwan might be connected, so he asks: “Are you crying? What’s wrong?”

“Sorry,” Jaehwan says again. “I just… I had a scary nightmare.”

“Oh,” is what Wonshik manages to offer as a very smart response. “What kind of nightmare?”

Jaehwan scoots closer, even though that seems impossible. He buries his face into Wonshik’s chest again, and his fingers curl around Wonshik’s shirt on his back. The pool of tears starts to grow on Wonshik’s T-shirt, so he carefully hugs Jaehwan, drawing soothing circles on his back.

“I dreamt that you died,” Jaehwan mutters finally.

Wonshik’s heart skips a beat upon hearing the other’s worried tone and he blushes—what if Jaehwan heard it? But Jaehwan doesn’t seem to react, only continues to sob just as quietly as before.

“It’s okay,” Wonshik says. “I’m here and I’m fine.”

He feels Jaehwan nodding his head and then he hears him sigh. Jaehwan’s breath is warm against his skin and that makes his stomach do funny things.

“Wonshik-ah,” Jaehwan whispers shyly, lifting his head. Wonshik stares into the darkness, but still can’t see anything. “Mind if I sleep here tonight?”


Jaehwan places his head back on the pillow, nuzzling Wonshik’s chest once again.

Wonshik tightens his hold around him and presses his lips against the top of Jaehwan’s head, thinking that he would be the happiest person in the world if tonight wasn’t the only occasion when Jaehwan sleeps in his bed.


Christmas Dinner

“The boys cooking eating Christmas dinner together.” - Anonymous

Happy Holidays!
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P.S. I realized I read the question wrong when I was ready to post it, but I already made it, so I hope this is close enough. T.T

N: N would first react to the spill and make sure there’s no serious problems. Once he inspects your rack and sees that his fellows members are gawking at you, he’ll scold them and then pull you to the bathroom. En route to the bathroom, he’ll turn around and give his fellow members another face full of attitude. “Hold still! Let me unbutton this first…wait…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ALL STARING AT?!”

Leo: Leo would freak out seeing the steam coming from your chest and would try and help you before realizing that he has to touch your breasts–breasts that are now on full display. When he tries to look away, he’ll see his fellow members staring and he’ll strangle the nearest member, hoping the others take the hint to look away. “Oh…Ummm…napkins, you need napkins. *kicks Ken underneath the table*”

Ken: Ken will scowl at the member that spilled his drink on you before tending your newly brown shirt. He’ll try his best to clean you up, but then get distracted by what he’s patting. Once he snaps back to reality, he’ll scold his fellow members for getting distracted and staring as well. “This shirt is ruined…*visualizes boobs as robotic pats of the napkin continues*…oh, sorry. *looks back* HEY!”

Ravi: Ravi is going to flip shit because he’s worried about your breast getting second-degree burns. He’ll jump to his feet and start yelling for napkins, ice, and for someone to call an ambulance. In other words, he’ll overreact, however, he’ll still notice when his fellow members look too long at your breasts. “Oh, shit! Are you-ARGH!-someone call-STOP LOOKING AT HER ERECT NIPPLES AND CALL THE AMBULANCE!”

HongBin: HongBin will be worried for you, but when you assure him that you’re fine, he’ll glare at the member who spilled the drink on you–pissed off level clearly showing. Once he sees the looks your chest is getting, he’ll start scolding everyone at the table before dragging you to the bathroom. “I’m sorry about those idiots. They act like they’ve never seen a stained shirt before. But, don’t worry. I’ll soak this for you with this special detergent I have, bleach it if necessary, and then iron it for you.”

Hyuk: No one will be able to get a good luck at your chest because Hyuk will have stuffed so many napkins down your shirt to the point that you will have the round torso of a snow woman. The other members would be too busy laughing, while poor Hyuk continues to make sure you get wiped up. “You all are laughing, but who’s touching the boobs?! *laughing ceases* That’s what I thought.”

Happy Holidays!
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