Chapter 16

Sunday, July 4
7:28 AM

Kath breathed heavily as she ran down the street heading back to her house. Feeling her muscles tighten up, she slowed down to a walk as she listened to the music through her earphones. 

“I hope that we can turn back the time and make it all alright, all alright for us…”

Pressing the skip button on her phone, Kath blinked back tears and chastised herself for being emotional over such a song. She had been doing so good numbing herself from It had been three days since she talked to him. Three long days that consisted of ignoring his calls and texts. Three long days of silent nights and looking for things to distract her from him. 

She knew it was immature to ignore him but it would hurt too much to have him tell her the truth. 

Turning the corner, she looked ahead as she spotted a figure sitting on the curb in front of her house. Head down, with his hands gripping his hair and elbows resting on top of his knees, she stopped walking dead in her tracks as she recognized who it was. 

Feeling her breath hitch, she watched the figure dig into his pocket, grab his cellphone and hold it up to his ear. 

“Come on, come on, come on… Pick up. Please.”

Kath felt her cell phone vibrating in little fast pulses, almost as fast as her heartbeat at that moment. All of a sudden, the vibrating stopped and she kept still as the person groaned in frustration as he clenched his phone in his hand tightly and brought it up over his head, only to throw it forcefully to the ground.

“Fuck.” He yelled out as he stood up and faced towards her.

Before she could make a move to hide herself, her eyes locked with the person standing in front of her house.DJ.The first thing she noticed were his the bags under his tired eyes. A part of her was happy that he looked as miserable as how she felt, but a part of her wanted to run up to him and give him a big hug. 

Closing her eyes, all her feelings from that Thursday night came flooding back.

Girl. Hotel. Late night. 

Kath turned the other way to get as much distance from DJ as possible in hopes that he would get the message but as her tired legs picked up pace, she felt two hands around her waist stopping her.

“Wait, Kath.”

Holding her breath, Kath’s body tensed as she listened to DJ’s heavy breathing, waiting for him to continue.

“I’ve been trying to reach you for three days. I know everything makes it look bad but it’s not what you think it is…”

Kath’s anger burst as she heard the last sentence. Spinning around, she glared at DJ. There were pictures. They were posted everywhere. She saw with her two eyes.

“It doesn’t matter what I think it is, I don’t care.”

But she did. It was easier to pretend she didn’t because it wouldn’t get her hopes up but a part of her prayed to God that it was all a misunderstanding. 

As she tried to walk past him to her house, DJ took a hold of Kath’s arm to stop her from walking away for the second time.

“It does matter. You matter,” DJ’s voice wavered as he tried to make eye contact with her. 

Kath looked off to the side, quickly blinking back tears. DJ continued.

“You have it all wrong. The girl. That’s my best friend’s girlfriend. She was just visiting us and it was too late for her to go home by herself so she stayed the night. Please, please, please, believe me.”

Biting her lip at his explanation, Kath turned her head to read DJ’s eyes. They were always so expressive even through facetime and pictures and the ones staring back at her spoke volumes of truth. 

Mentally scolding herself for being so hardheaded for the past three days and putting no trust into him, she looked down at the ground to hide her obvious embarrassed pink cheeks.

“Have you read any of my texts? Listened to any of my calls?”

Kath kept her head down as she shook it in response. Feeling soft fingertips touch her chin, she felt her head being tipped upwards to look directly into DJ’s playful eyes.

Good God, his smirk. Kath melted at the sight of him so close.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what we are and I have no right to get mad but I did. I should’ve asked you, I should’ve replied. It was stupid. Immature. I’m sorry,” she rambled out, pausing for a moment to see if DJ would forgive her or not.

Suddenly, two arms wrapped around her upper body as she was engulfed into the arms of DJ. Squeezing tightly, Kath felt DJ bury his face into the crook of her shoulder as she closed her eyes and lifted her arms to feel the warmth of his body. The feeling of butterflies in her stomach came crashing through her body as DJ squeezed tighter and lifted her in the air.

Giggling, Kath was set back down on the ground.

“No more misunderstandings? We’re okay?” she asked.

“More than okay. But you do have a right, Kath. I don’t know what we are but I do know that I don’t want to be without you whether it’s three days, three hours, or three weeks.” As they stared into each other’s eyes, they both smiled. It was this DJ she liked the most. Not the heartthrob. Not the rockstar. To her, he was just DJ. 

Watching as his eyes darkened, she looked back curiously, silently asking him what he was up to.

“I fucking missed you, baby.”

 Before she could react to his words, two hands enclosed around her cheeks as two soft lips came down and pressed against hers in surprise.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: (that is if anyone is still reading this because I am a horrible person that updates once every six or more months, haha) I AM SORRY IF THIS CHAPTER HAS A BAJILLION GRAMMAR MISTAKES. It’s currently 3 A.M. and I want to get this posted, lol. For those of you that have been waiting for this chapter and have been bugging me to update. Thank you and I am so so so so so sorry for the long wait… Like always, life gets in the way of fangirling. I do hope to add more texting/photo elements to this fic. 
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