otp : *makes eye contact*

me : omg staph

otp : *smiles at each other*

me : staph it you two, can you not my gosh staph

otp : *stands next to each other*

me : omg staph flirting! i said staph it!!

me : *dying from fangirling too much*


Welcome to EXO Volleyball Club, one of the top volleyball clubs in the country! …somehow…

So this is an au I’ve wanted to draw for a long time and I’m really excited to post this!!! It’s a bit of a haikyuu crossover really but I so badly wanted to do a volleyball au so !! Here we go!! If people like this idea I wanna do comics and stuff for it too~~!! Feel free to ask questions *ㅅ*

when will Kyungsoo realizes that Kai has a crush on him

i mean look at the way he always stare at him but kyungsoo never notices  

and the way he looks at other members when they’re talking to kyungsoo and laughing with him 

or how he smiles right away when kyungsoo  looks at him 

and Kai always looks so serious but when around Ksoo he’s just 

that moment when you’re reading fanfiction in class and it happens to be fluff, so you can’t stop smiling because your otp is just being too fluffy and then the person next to you is just there giving you weird look

me : *drunk*

me : *whines about my otp not being together*

me : why can’t they see that they totally have hots for each other?!

me : *shows a picture of otp looking at each other*

me : see! they are totally eye fucking each other, look!

me : they’re so beautiful it’s hurting my heart!!

me : they always, always mess with my feels man

me : they totally need to be married and have tons of babies

me : *whines and whines more*

me : *totally weeping my eyes out*

stranger : umm… can someone call for help? this young lady is drunk


My fave ship so I wanted to make a spam bc why the hell not :)

Okay so I’m going to split it into parts - Lets go!

Lets just start with the basics - Kaisoo just together

But they be synchronized though

just together for the moment

Quickly move onto cute kaisoo

They just sitting but it’s still cute af

Take that picture bet it turned out cute

They always smiling/laughing together though

for real

laugh away

Catch each others eye


smiling in the air

smiling on the stage - look at how happy D.O actually looks aww

kaisoo clearly having some banter

more banter for kaisoo

Dance banter

Kai proclaiming his love for Kyungsoo

Kyungsoo proclaiming his love for Kai

Made sure to mention Kyungsoo when he missed the album of the year award in 2013 (okay this is a fake sub but it’s cute so it’s staying)

They share the love so we got some looks going on here, hey look at D.O eating best view everrr

out of all the places to look at I must look at D.O, no option here just gotta do it

How dare you even touch D.O, honestly Suho who even are you

Someone is touching D.O alert

Not anymore

Okay Chen is doing it too

Dammit Chen you are not in Kai’s good book atm

Intense staring from jongin

Chenkai innocently holding hands

Chen is causing more controversy for kaisoo

Must follow Kai with my eyes 

and remember when they had their couple fight and Jongin kept his distance the entire time whilst looking at D.O every 5 second bc I do

Gotta check him out

Close up here but like I don’t blame him to be honest



More compliments

When Kyungsoo said that Kai is the best dancer and that he thinks no one will be as good as him for the next few years

Kai gets him

I just wanna hug youu

My Kai

Still mine

Sitting on Kai

Woah getting close there pal

Leaning on Jongin

Hold that hand, get that daily dose of skinship

Gotta touch Kyungsoos hand only

Touch that ear bc why the hell not

Birthday hugs


Must sit on the lap

Never forget the day Jongin sexy danced in front of D.O

Dance buddies

They dancing again

Originally posted by c92

Oh and lets not forget that time when Kai covered his mouth and turned around and called D.O ‘Jagi’ thank you very much :)

That concludes this post bc it is already outrageously long even though I am sure that I have missed out a million other GIFS

*None of these GIFS are mine credit to the owners*

friends : *talks about smut fic and how they accidentally read one* 

 friends : *turns to me* how about you, have you read any smut?

 me : *laughs awkwardly* yeah… i did… one time… 

in reality

 me : yes, yes i do. in fact, i’ve read so many sinful smut already that i’m pretty sure i’m going to hell

anonymous asked:

Hey do you have some gifs of members reaction to kaisoo?or analysis about how the members see kaisoo?

Hello, anon! This question was really interesting, actually. I always try to pay attention to the other members while Kaisoo moments happen, and some reactions I got from them made me feed a lot of questions in my head.

Suho: Is one of the most interesting members concerning Kaisoo. Everybody knows he’s EXO leader. And, as such, he has the obligation of showing how united and happy and handsome the group as a whole is. So, it’s normal that he’ll pay a special attention to the other members.

I think he understands how couples (in a general perspective) are important to a group (because some people become interest in a group because of one specific otp), but he insists in cockblocking Kaisoo for a reason I still not able to comprehend. Maybe, Suho has this behavior when he considers some act is too much.

To give a practical example, remember the time when Lay was dancing in a concert. Suho was observing and everything was okay, until the moment when Lay started to being on all fours and moved his butt. The way Suho ran was priceless. Probably they were joking but still…

Back to Kaisoo. Everybody knows how Jongin and Kyungsoo can be a little… Peculiar when they’re side by side. In a lot of occasions (a lot indeed), they get really close to each other, whisper in each other’s ears, giggle together… I think that, in the same way Suho ran to Lay while he was doing his dance, Suho sometimes separates Kaisoo and stays between them.

Kyungsoo and Jongin being too close. Compare Kaisoo’s distance with the distance between Jongin and Suho.

But, Suho made his job and put they apart. Good job, Suho!

And, I need to comment about his ship with Kyungsoo as well! I don’t know if SM had something to do with it, but their ship kind of sailed in 2013. They even went to radio shows as a duo that time (and even told that they had couple clothes and would date each other if they were girls). I don’t know if Suho’s goal with Kaisoo is to distract people from them or something like that. Take your own conclusions, guys!

This is so interesting to see! Kyungsoo lost at the game and the MC requested Suho (who won) to choose another member to get the penalty with him. Right away, the fans started to scream: “Kai!!”. After some thought, Suho chosed himself. That happened because Suho is a good leader only? Again, take your own conclusions.

As a good and thoughtful leade he is, Suho is by Kaisoo’s side

Even if he’s not staring, Suho is there.

Xiumin: At first, Xiumin has a quiet and discreet personality, so, in general, he keeps his thoughts and reactions about them to himself.

Look! Kaisoo sailing in front of Xiumin’s eyes! But, as a good boy he is, he doesn’t react at all.

But, what makes me laugh about his relation with Kaisoo is that he appears in Kaisoo moments where Jongin is classified as “jealous” (or constipated? Who knows).

What the fuck, Jongin?

Are u okay? I don’t think so.

Jongin regreted giving Kyungsoo to Xiumin so easily.

BONUS: Xiumin staring at Kaisoo and smiling (so squishy!!!)

Lay: I’ll only leave this here


Lay keeping Kaisoo apart and mantaining EXO’s heterosexuality alive. Or not.

“Is this a mate dance? I need to stop them!!“ Lay thought when he came between them.

Baekhyun: He’s the kind of guy who likes to tease everyone. So, we would expect a person who would tease and make a lot of remarks about Kaisoo, right? It’s interesting to notice that Baekhyun isn’t like that, tho. He sees Kaisoo moment and he knows they’re close, but he’s not the type who makes comments about them or likes to be between them (like Chanyeol does. But I’ll talk about him later). His focus is more about constructing moments with Kyungsoo and Jongin (and the other members) separately.

Baekhyun manages to have fun and smile even with Kaisoo’s attention all over each other like always.

Chanyeol and Baekhyun were teasing Kyungsoo, but when Chanyeol pointed out how much Kai was afraid of him, Baekhyun became was silent probably he didn’t joke around because it was at the time before he knew everyone, but you got the point

Kaisoo during a photoshoot . Baekhyun was by their side all the time, but he didn’t speak at all while they interact with each other.

Chanyeol: Chanyeol is interesting, for sure. A member of what I call “roommate squad” with Jongin and Kyungsoo, he probably knows more that we, fans, can imagine. After all, he’s close with both of them.

Different from the other members, though, who don’t comment about Kaisoo’s closeness, Chanyeol talked what all Kaisoo shippers already knew, but it was nice to confirm:

I think that Chanyeol finds amusing how close Jongin and Kyungsoo are and, maybe because of that, he wants to be close to them too. Not Kyungsoo or Jongin only, but he wants to be allowed to be in the middle of Kaisoo.

You know when two people are too close and you think they’re nice and you want to join that group and be cool with them? That’s Chanyeol. He admires both of them, as their bonding, so he wants to be a part of it too.

Chanyeol’s expression after Jongin praised Kyungsoo i feel ur pain, buddy :(

But, everybody with eyes and senses knows how Kaisoo behaves with each other. When there is a third person by their side, in general, they don’t pay attention to them and stay more in their own world. Not necessarily in a romantic way, but that’s how they work. And this kind of lets Chanyeol frustrated because don’t matter how much he tries, Kaisoo will never let him in. But, considering his personality, he’ll try until the end.

“I want to be in the cool squad #1”

“I want to be in the cool squad #2”

“I want to be in th- oh. OH.”

Chen: Lately (since after EXO’s Second Box release) we can see a lot of Chen/Kyungsoo moments in concerts (their “kisses” during Peter Pan, for example). I don’t know if it was SM’s idea (I actually have a theory, but it doesn’t involve Kaisoo directly, so, I’ll be quiet about it for now) or not, but this couple is in more evidence since then. But, if it was a SM idea to make this otp sail, their mistake was putting Jongin in the middle of the equation.

Examples of moments where poor Chen was alone between Kaisoo

In general, what I noticed while watching Chenkaisoo moment on DVD was that Chen didn’t try to separate them and he was okay with being with them (even with Kaisoo’s proximity and leaving him alone sometimes).

It is almost similar to Baekhyun’s reaction, but the difference is that Chen is a mix of this cool attitude with a mischevious one towards Kaisoo.

Stay in your lane, kind of reaction.

Chen and Kyungsoo having a close time while Jongin only stares…

Sehun: I think Sehun is so used to Kaisoo’s behavior with each other that he doesn’t mind or react to it anymore. Most of the time, he stays between them with a straight face while Kaisoo looks at each other and smiles

“Am I looking good?”, Sehun asks to himself, trying to ignore the tension around him.

Yeah… This is probably his life everyday.

Even in MAMA Era, what’s this?

Well, I was planning to talk about “SM’s Reaction” to Kaisoo, but this post is getting longer than I previously anticipated and I took so long to do this. I’m sorry about that! Maybe I’ll prepare something better later ^^

Credit for the gifs and pictures used go to their rightful owners, as always.


  • link for a reaction of the members walking on Kaisoo~
  • Another link of a fanfic that talks about the members impressions about Kaisoo. It’s precious!
  • I tried to put Kris, Luhan and Tao here as well, but it made me sad, so I gave up.
  • I tried to be funny but I failed. Sorry about that as well.