AU Concept

Where Ene tells Shintaro just who she is rather early into their odd friendship. She reveals that she’s Takane. And rather than having a breakdown when submerged memories re-arise, Shintaro falls into a deluded hope. If Takane’s still here: Perhaps Ayano and Haruka are alive in a way, as well!

…Are they viruses somewhere? Or something else?

He starts to attempt to get his life back together, roping Ene- No, Takane, into his hope. He knows it’s unlikely. But Takane even being alive in itself is an impossibility. Logic is out the window. This is the only hope he has.

He meets the Dan. And with them, his dream comes crashing down.

Both Takane and him recognize Haruka’s OC design far too well. But that blank stare, mellow personality, and lack of memories seems to tell an entirely different story. Haruka is dead. Something replaced him. What is it? Why?

“The fake.” “Mister Faker.” “Murderer.”

And when Kano takes his anger out on Shintaro, blaming him for Ayano’s untimely death, and informing him she won’t be coming back. Ever. He loses it.

Shintaro returns to his room. He’s worse than before.

Ene tries to console him. It’ll be alright. He still has her.

He never wanted her. He wants Haruka and Ayano back. She always treated him like shit, anyways. She doesn’t deserve to live instead of them.

A click of the delete button, and he truly is alone again.

Harushin Headcanons

For last Mekakushi Monday I asked for headcanon prompts. And I completely didn’t do any of them. Ahaha sorry I had no spoons last Monday. But now I’m getting around to it!

I got suggestions for Hogwarts, Birthday, and Harushin headcanons. But I’ve admittedly never even read Harry Potter, and don’t even know what to do on my own birthday! So here we are. Sodaffucker69 time.

✂️️ Haruka is the absolute most PDA touchy feely person. Shintaro would rather not anyone touch him with a ten foot pole. That said, the dynamic of their relationship is a tad odd. Haruka, despite being very cuddly, always makes sure to ask Shintaro’s permission before anything. And Haruka is admittedly the only person Shintaro can stand touching him. 

✂️️ Shintaro blames himself for a lot. One thing that especially bothers him about his relationship is his actions during the two years that Haruka was dead. While he dwelled on Ayano’s death, his mind more or less completely blocked out the deaths of Takane and Haruka. This makes him feel like he was somehow a terrible, uncaring, friend to Haruka. And surely if he was a terrible friend he must be the WORST boyfriend. Haruka would never hold that against him, of course. But Shintaro is an incredibly self depreciating and blaming person. I actually wrote a fic with a few of these concepts last August 15th!

✂️️ Shintaro is. A strange person. He still tries to insist he’s the most heterosexual heterosexual to ever heterosexual. As he’s dating and kissing Haruka. He’s a straight he swears. (He’s not and that’s for the best.)

✂️️ Shintaro can’t play violent games anymore. The sight of blood sends him into a state of utter panic, remembering the sorts of things the Snake of Clearing Eyes has done in past timelines. So nowadays him and Haruka mostly play more lax stuff. That said, they still do play their shooters! But only ones where there’s no blood at all, or at the very least ones with the option to turn the blood off. Shintaro’s still as skilled as ever. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes he lets Haruka win just to be nice.

✂️️ After she learns of Haruka and Shintaro dating, Takane has a field day. She makes a huge show out of “telling Haruka Shintaro’s kinks” and showing him the things that she discovered on Shintaro’s computer over the past two years. It embarrasses the hell out of Shintaro. But afterwards Takane does pull him aside, congratulate him, and tell him that he’s really lucky to have ended up with such an amazing guy. She’ll be there to support them every step of the way. (She’s still gonna send Haruka Shintaro’s naughty folders, though. It’s just what she does.)

✂️️ He feels absolutely awful for it, but occasionally when in a bad state of mind Shintaro can find himself outright fearing Haruka. It’s hard not to see Kuroha’s appearance in his very own boyfriend. That said, Haruka always gives him space, and tries as gently as he can to calm him down when he’s freaking out.

✂️️ They certainly have their troubles, in between Haruka’s illness, and… Well… Shintaro’s mental illness. But they’re trying to do the best they can, and truly do love each other.

  • Kano: At that point, after I did that hilarious thing where I pretended there was a spider on Kido's neck. She... Ummm... Hit me on the arm. Very hard. I expect some bruising tommroow
  • Kido: I hit Kano at about forty five percent strength. That was too much
  • Seto: Hey, folks! It's us, the Tateyama siblings! Just telling you: Don't hit. Cause the energy in there? It fuckin sucks
  • Kido: It was not brother weird. But it was like "gang members working together" weird. For sure.
  • Seto: I'm glad we were able to survive August 15th, after just... The big bad hit at the beginning of today.
  • Kido: I would like to say. I would like to take this situation to legitimately say to my brother Kano. I love you very much. I'm sorry I did a hit on you.
  • Kano: It's alright. It was poor... I shouldn't have done that either. I was misjudged how much that was a goof. I forgot how much you were afraid for a little bit
  • Kido: No! We're trying to have one earnest moment
  • Kano: We're trying to have a nice fucking moment, dad!
  • Seto: It was a passionate, violent, battle between two siblings--
  • Kano: Battle is kind of a strong word. It was more of an assassination.
  • Seto: Yeah. You tried to assassinate our brother, Kano. Who we love very much.