Zelo Robot Chapter Three: Morning Wood

THIS CHAPTER IS PURE SMUT. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO READ IT YOU CAN SKIP AND I WILL SHORTEN IT UP IN CHAPTER FOUR! or you can read this as a one shot if you’re really horny. Again sorry for weird typing errors and stuff, typing on my phone…

Also can I just say this is how I experience my…orgasms? I just tailored this to what I like. I don’t get why girls like guys playing with their breasts. It does nothing for me and it’s in every smut I’ve ever read… Anyways.

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It's official.

You’ve waited since morning. Standing tired at the airport, all that, just to see him. After many more hours of waiting, you finally see him. Walking in front of you. You smiled wide and cut in front of him.

“Oppa! You’re finally here.” You said brightly as you moved closer, trying to give him a hug.

Just as you were trying to, he slowly backed away, pushing your arms away lightly, “Ani.. not now.. The other fans will see us and misunderstand again..”

You nodded in reply. Your bright expression turns slightly sad as you turn away, slowly walking back with the other fangirls who are already murmuring about you.

You were that fan being rumored about dating B.A.P’s Zelo. It’s been weeks ever since that rumor had spread around. There were fantaken photos of you seen with Zelo. They rumored that it was a date, but TS Entertainment and Zelo had said that you were just friends.

But that rumor was true. You were on a date with him. But his company needed to deny it. He needed to deny it. YOU needed to deny it.

You were being pushed in deeper into the crowds. “Oppa!” “Look here, oppa!” “Kyaaaa! Zelo oppa!” was all you could hear as he disappeared from your sight.

He tries to take a quick glance at you before turning away again, following his five hyungs.

“Mianhae, jagi..” he whispers softly, covering his sad expression with a fake smile. Of course he wouldn’t make his fans worried.

“We can’t continue this any longer now..”

To be continued.


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