JJCC launches campaign to support single moms

South Korean hip-hop boy band JJCC is spearheading a campaign to support single mothers, local media reported Monday.

“We learned that most of the single mothers quit school and find it difficult to stand on their own feet,” said members of the multinational band.
“We want to help you fulfill your dreams.”
In partnership with nonprofit organization Holt Children’s Services, JJCC — E.co, Eddy, SimBa, San-Cheong and Prince Mak — launched the campaign on WEGENERATION website on Sunday.

WEGENERATION is an online platform for K-pop stars to raise money for charity.
As of 4:35 p.m. Monday, the quintet raised 590,000 won ($540), or 30 percent of the target amount of 2 million won. The campaign will run until May 3.

The highest donor and two randomly selected contributors will be given a chance to have dinner with JJCC.
Formed by Hollywood star Jackie Chan, JJCC debuted in March 2014 after several years of training.

It recently returned to the music scene with a new track “Fire.” 

Source: KPOPHERALD | via jjcc-doublejoy

International fans who wish to donate can do so by following these steps: