Thank you so much. I just want to say that this has been the most remarkable two years of my life. And thank you. Everybody in this room and everybody that’s been a fan of the show has touched me in a way that I never thought imaginable. And I’m so proud to make you all proud.

John Gallagher, Jr.’s final curtain call in Spring Awakening (December 16th, 2007)


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Lisa = all the JGJ fans.


Such a great song! Makes me cry everytime! :) John has so much emotion. He really gets the point across. <3

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“And in the darkest night
If my memory serves me right
I’ll never turn back time
Forgetting you, but not the time.” <3


First time to see this video. They sounded even better live! The harmonies were so good and ear-gasmic!!! Effin’ fantastic, melancholic and incredibly emotionally-charged.

And look how JGJ is so in character as Johnny. I adore it with all my heart. <3

Spring Awakening 30 Day Challenge - Day Nine



i’m trying my best not to make these biased character rants okay.

so, i think you all know by now that coby getzug is the one of the main reasons i’m acting hahah. he was the first and only moritz i saw live [if i don’t include jonny & alex but since i didn’t really see them from an audience perspective then i don’t] and god he was just…flawless. he was the perfect amount of neurotic craziness, cuddly enough to be loved, but shaky enough to be a little bit feared. he was amazing.

…but then there’s john gallagher jr! oh what a man. his moritz just…slays me. LOOK AT THAT GIF UP THERE. he’s crazy, he’s fucking insane, but it’s in an adorable way, in a way that makes the audience love him immediately. you follow his story and are just enchanted by this boy, the way his mouth quivers as he talks, the way his head jerks around, the little ticks in his face and pull of a smile every now and then. you watch him have his world taken from him and it’s terrible, it's absolutely terrible. it’s like you want to help him in a way. you see him in his last desperate attempt at life, but he’s too far gone. he’s not even alive anymore. and after ilse’s gone and once that gun is in his mouth, you realize, wait, he’s not a cuddly teddy bear. he was dysfunction personified.

that’s how i felt in watching jgj’s performance, listening to the soundtrack. it’s like you’re holding onto this little hope that moritz will be fine, and by the time you realize that he was dead from the start, it’s too late. it just breaks my heart every time. and god i want to be able to do that.

…i feel like this was more of a moritz rant than a jgj rant ahaha WELL most of this stems from what jgj has taught me. he is the reason this character lives so strongly in me. he is the person who taught me that there is a moritz inside of me. hell, i pretty much am moritz. but i wouldn’t have been brought to this braintwin if it weren’t for jgj and his fantastic portrayal of manic depression in a manipulative society.

gif for your time.


These short bits of this interview are great. omfg.

It took almost a year to upload them, apparently.