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Plot: imagine comforting Luke Castellan about his low self-esteem after the battle against Cronos.

Couple: Luke Castellan x Fem!Reader.

A/N: Yeah, once again I’m bored soooo please don’t hate me. Just enjoy the dialogue between the characters and love Luke because he’s a cinnamon roll who deserves to be loved.
« Luke? Luke, listen to me, okay? You’re not the bad guy. It wasn’t your fault but Cronos’. »
« You must hate me. So many people got killed because of my choices… I don’t deserve a second chance. »
« Sometimes I think you’re just an asshole, yeah, but that you’re evil? It’s impossible. It’d be like seeing Nico wearing a rainbow t-shirt, or hearing Percy saying something clever. »
« But I— »
« Yeah, I know. You raised Cronos and start a world war three. Fine. Someone died. Cool. But everyone here forgave you years ago. And I’m not going to leave you because of your past: I wasn’t there and honestly I don’t care. I love you now, because of who you are in this moment, not because of you were before. I love you because you are Luke. Not a thief, not a demigod and certainly not a traitor. Just Luke, a smart guy with beautiful eyes and a beautiful mind, who can do everything he wants. The guy I started to know and that now I love with all my heart. »

Intercepted - Luke Castellan Imagine

Your POV I was walking to the strawberry fields when someone stopped me. “Y/N, wait up!” I turned around to see Will from the Apollo cabin, jogging towards me. “Hi, Will.” I greeted. “Hey, can I ask you something?” He asked. “You just did but sure.” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “Would you like to -” Will was cut off by my best friend Luke. Luke pressed his lips against mine. One of his hands tangled in my hair, the other on the small of my back. My hands grabbed at his t-shirt. Luke grinned at me as he pulled away from the kiss. “Hey babe.” Luke said, pecking me on the lips. His right arm wrapped around my waist. “Hey.” I smiled. I turned to Will, “what was it you wanted to talk to me about?” “Nothing.” Will muttered, walking away. I stepped away from Luke. “What was that?” I asked referring to him kissing me. Sure we had kissed, we had done more than that. But, all of it had been behind closed doors. Luke smirked, the smirk that usually got me in bed with him quickly. “I felt like it.” I scoffed, “sure.”