niallhoran: very sad to hear about the loss of Robin . For those who had the pleasure of knowing Robin will know that he was the nicest , kindest, most generous , hilariously funny guy you’ll have met . He always had a smile on his face even when he was battling the terrible illness . Love ya H . Please give your mum and the rest of the family a massive hug from my family .

…ok but guys,,, remember….that TIME ..,,,,,when Harry sang with STEVIE NICKS, one of his biggest idols and inspirations, like I still can’t believe that night happened. He deserved it so much, like he honestly had his dream come true. His eyes, whole face and body movements in general told how completely taken aback by the moment he truly was like,,,fuck. Harry absolutely lost his shit. All of his shit. I still can’t watch that video without getting emotional too (so you can imagine what hARRY was feeling). I am….so, so, SO incredibly proud of him. Words cannot and will not ever describe.