Jhope solo dance break for Bapsae
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this is so cute and sweet 💕


*bodyrolling* 😍😍😍

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‘No More Dream’ Dance Break @ HYYH on stage: EPILOGUE in Nanjing [Hoseok focus]
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Hoseok: *posts selfie*
Comments: Where’s Yoongi(’s selfie)?

Hoseok: *releases song*
Comments: Okay, but when will Yoongi’s mixtape be released?

Hoseok: *does Hope on the Street*
Comments: Where is member _____?

The man who always tweets his ‘Thank you’ after a concert before anyone else, the man who tries to make everyone around him constantly happy, the man who works hard as a dancer, choreo leader and rapper even though he’s never the main. 

And all he gets is this, comments about him being ugly and noisy and dumb jokes about him screaming. I’m so disappointed. I…don’t even know what to say anymore…