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You say you don't trust Boris, but I'm more worried about Alice tbh. Like, this is pure speculation at this point, but I could totally see a scenario in which she gets you to the exit, tells you to leave, and if you decide to stay behind and help Boris she'll try to kill you to keep you from meeting the same fate-worse-than-death Sammy and the other employees met.

You never know with the cartoons, but I really doubt Henry would turn down an opportunity to leave this hellhole when that’s been his goal for the last entire chapter.


You’re gonna wanna fullview that first sucker.

Bendy drawings from the stream!!  I was talking to @whatisthisnonsense earlier about the notion of Bendy being able to to take advantage of the fact that he’s a cartoon, and… well…

Sufffice to say, Henry is very rapidly finding out that animation smears and doubles aren’t as funny in real life as they are on the TV.

Featuring @doodledrawsthings‘ design of Henry!  (Hope it’s okay that I drew it, dude – I love this design of him.)

(Please don’t reproduce these images without getting my permission first!  Also, please don’t tag as anything related to “kin.”)