Let’s play a game called “Monster Factory or NBC Hannibal?”

All you have to do is identify if the below quotes are from Polygon’s Monster Factory or NBC’s Hannibal.

“I taste with my skin. How do you taste?”
“I suggested one of those clackin’ swingin’ ball things.”
“They will find my body in the morning underneath a dream catcher.”
“The effect I was hoping to have was her death. Mission accomplished!”

Anyway the canon is wrong, what actually happened was that Reba and Francis met about a year earlier and like, there were some ups and downs because Francis had a lot of demons that he needed to face and some of that he could only do by and for himself. 

But things are pretty great now and the two of them are like the fiercest and most militant disability rights activists you have ever seen, they are ride or die for each other and for every other disabled person out there. 

They love each other and they support each other and they are both doing really good. 

D’s learning to love himself too, he’s recovering, it’s great.  

No one is dead.