Quite literally one of my favorite outfits from season two. I mean, just look at how it compliments the curls so perfectly

riverofviscera  asked:

I'm a fairly new fannibal and I don't know a lot of other fannibals, is there a masterlist for y'all or is there only a very small portion of us on here? I've been fixin to get connected to more of you but I'm not get at finding them it seems. Help?

Hello dear - welcome to the fandom!!

There is no masterlist afaik but people often write some recs with favourite blogs ( you can find my last rec list here )

Blogs come and go so I recommend you take a look at the tags like #hannibaledit or #hannibalart to find active blogs to follow! 

There are a lot of us here : ) 

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S3E02 "Primavera" Notes

This one’s longer.  Is this too long?  What do you all think– should I try to edit some of it out next time?  How in-depth do you want this to be?  I’m still unclear on whether my ‘keep reading’ links work for anyone on the mobile app, so if anyone has insight for me about that, I’d be glad to have it.  If they do work, I’ll come back and put a link in.  In the meantime, I’m just going to post this long version and apologise for clogging up your dashes.

  • WILL!!!!!!!!  I am appeased.

  • Oh no, Mizumono.

  • O.o face… teacup??

  • Well, that’s a nicely-wallpapered and atmospheric hospital room.  Why aren’t those everywhere?

  • OKAY WHAT IN THE HELL KIND OF DOCTOR WOULD JUST SPRING ABIGAIL ON HIM LIKE THAT???  The guy just woke up!  Look at his breathing!

    …okay, stop looking at his breathing now.

    ANYWAY.  How about giving the man a little time to orient himself?  How about asking first!  Fuck!

  • :D Abigail ships the Murder Family??  (Is family-shipping a thing?)

    She’s like “dammit Will, he had a nice house picked out and everything!  I wanted to go to southern France!“  (By the way, in my head Hannibal is a southern France person, at least as far as France goes.  Paris would drive him nuts.)  She was SMILING when she said "he made a place for us."  And I know, Stockholm Syndrome, but this whole thing is irreversibly fucked up, so I don’t really see my way to taking exception to it.

  • Okay, I’m going to have to back this up again– I know Will’s talking, but his FACE and his CHEST and his BREATHING– I keep getting distracted, okay?


    Is it weird to feel like there’s something a bit sexual about this hallucination?

  • Time jump??  And scrolling ‘typed’ location exposition??  We’re starting with this now?  Well… okay.

  • Wait, who’s dogsitting?

  • How have Will and Abigail not pissed off five little old Italian grannies by now??  Little old Italian grannies are dangerous.  They can, and will, kick your ass with a wooden spoon if they feel like it.

  • Ohhhh, that skeleton mosaic’s pose brings to mind all kinds of silly Edwardian-ladies-in-illustrations jokes.

  • Wait, the giant heart/flayed torso on the swords wasn’t just a symbolic/hallucinated thing??  Hannibal… nice.

  • Is Abigail’s ombre jacket meant to look like it’s bloodstained?

  • Pazzi… I want to like you, but you’re just not making it easy for some reason.

  • I’m… not sure how to feel about Hannibal’s 20-years-ago photograph, but it feels like I ought to be feeling something.

  • This is some pretty heavy-duty exposition here.

  • ‘Twist you into uncomfortable positions’… so, Hannibal made the false Will Graham figure into a gift/message for the real Will Graham?

  • Wrath of the Roast Chicken… I mean, Ravenstag.

  • DAMN, Abigail ships it so hard.

  • The mind-fuckery is strong with this one.  Man, I missed In-Will’s-Head Time.  I genuinely didn’t know for a moment if Hannibal was really there.

  • And Hannibal WAS there!  My heart sings in glee for the poetic perfection of the moment.

  • … oh. 

    Oh, no.


  • Pazzi, leave me alone or I swear I will rip out your corneas.

  • How on earth could anyone not see this and get ‘Hannigram’?  Even without the ‘He gave you his heart’ bit.  Even just the way Will LOOKS when he’s talking about Hannibal… fuck, this show is so intense.

  • Catacombs: Now, normally this would feel dangerous and claustrophobic.  This is perfect jump-scare territory.  But it doesn’t feel like that at all, because I’m thinking "Please let him meet Hannibal, please let him meet Hannibal, etc."  It feels like one of those labyrinthine palatial hedge-gardens perfect for lovers’ trysts.

    … I LOVE that.

  • "I’m not alone.  I’m with you.”  Pazzi’s mannerisms here, like he’s talking to a bullheaded eight-year-old, amuse me greatly.

  • “Your Il Monstro”… I die.

  • :D Will’s perfect drama-queen supervillain back-away melt-into-shadow departure does good things for my soul.

  • Will twisting about and looking all around him through the catacombs: For one singular moment, it just slammed into me what he’s feeling/thinking:  ‘He’s everywhere… and nowhere.’  (Did that sound pretentious?  I can’t tell.)
  • !!!
    You can see the 'Please’ on his face before the ‘I forgive you.’  You can see just the barest suggestion of a smile on Hannibal’s face after!

  • THIS IS THE GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER TOLD I’m running out of words.  Thank goodness it’s the end of the episode…

…I don’t want to wait half a week to watch the next one…

Feedback would be very, very nice, thanks!


I DON’T CARE IF THIS SHOW IS YEARS OLD AND EVERYTHING WAS TALKED ABOUT ALREADY here’s a thing about hannibal that i just need to get outside of my brain and it is this:

since i was a teenager and i was super into spuffy and super into guy/marian and had a very confusing childhood crush on alan rickman as the sheriff of nottingham, there’s this theme that i’ve been drawn to which is: i love unhealthy, unconventional love stories.

and importantly i like to avoid calling them romances. because love and romance don’t always go hand in hand. and today i was rambling to a friend about hannibal and i was like IT IS THE GREATEST LOVE STORY THAT IS NO WAY A ROMANCE I HAVE EVER LOVED. 

and it all boils down to that fucking scene with bedelia where will asks if hannibal is in love with  him and she gives the best line in the history of my fiction loving life. 

but more importantly, it underscores my favourite thing about hannibal and will, which is that … it’s not nearly as simple as just being in love with someone or something as easily understood as a romance. hannibal may not even be capable of a love that someone that isn’t a sociopath can understand. but that doesn’t mean that whatever he does feel for will, a craving that cannot be satiated by any of his usual means, is any less powerful and transformative than a typical romance. 

and though we never really get will graham stating something as baldly or even really answering. there is the scene where hannibal then asks will if it was good to see him and will says, ‘good? no.’ because, again, the bond is about so much more than fluffy warm and happy feelings. it’s about more than a face value, typical, straightforward love story. 

it’s a consuming, dark, twisted, encompassing, soaking, drowning, tangle of need and want and desire and hunger. and it is my favorite thing MAYBE EVER.