Hannigram Drabbles Repost: 2-3

Amuse-Bouche: in which Will makes a confession.

‘You’re supposed to be my paddle.’ Will doesn’t mean to sound accusing, but since the shooting he’s existed in an almost permanent state of unease and his agitation is increasing. Hannibal’s talking again and then he stops, snaring Will’s reluctant gaze - his voice so gentle, so knowing. 'Did you really feel so bad because killing him felt so good?' 

Will wants to look away but he can’t; he doesn’t want to answer but he does. 

'I liked killing Hobbs.’ It’s barely a whisper - shaky, appalled. 

Hannibal shifts in his chair, leans in close, intimate. And still Will can’t look away. 

'Killing must feel good to God, too.’


The effect of his words on the trembling boy in the chair opposite. Hannibal wields each syllable with care, slicing with calculated precision through layer after layer of tiresome moral posturing, exposing ever more tantalising glimpses of the exquisite darkness of Will Graham’s consciousness.


The intricacies of that delicate mind, ripe for plucking. To be savoured, for Will possesses a rare intellect, too precious to be stripped and devoured all at once. Timing is everything and Hannibal finds himself relishing the challenge. The opportunity afforded by Will makes him feel…


Potage: in which Hannibal observes Will.

Hannibal likes Will. He likes his voice: a relaxed drawl conjuring images of soft sunsets over glistening Louisiana bayous. He likes to watch him: his economy of movement, his expressive eyes (even when Will attempts to hide them behind the protective barrier of eyeglasses). He likes his intellect: rarely has Hannibal encountered such a fascinating, challenging, promising mind. Standing in the doorway of the lecture theatre with Jack, listening to Will deconstruct the 'Copycat Killer’s’ modus operandi with pinpoint accuracy, he feels an unexpected surge of pride and a warm smile tugs at his lips. Hannibal likes Will very much.

Will feels him first. A quiet, reassuring presence. His paddle. His way out of dark places. The man in the shadows who could almost have been conjured out of Will’s head steps forward with Jack and suddenly the air hums with vibrancy. Will doesn’t acknowledge his guests but Hannibal’s presence has snared his attention. He maintains his focus - doesn’t allow himself to be distracted by that steadfast regard, by eyes filled with admiration and lips that quirk into an approving smile. Still, he can’t help preening a little at the unaccustomed attention. It’s nice to be understood. To be seen.

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Hannibal Lecter reads books in multiple languages, shouldn’t we too? This is a blog where you will be able to find fics written in any language other than English!

As a writer who writes in Polish, it’s rather hard for me to find audience and I don’t think I’m alone here. So I thought, why not make a blog that will help writers become more visible? There are hundreds of us, people who like writing in our native tongues and are proud of it. We deserve recognition and attention as much as anyone else!

The main goal of this blog is to promote non-English writers, but also to help people who don’t speak English in finding fics they will be able to read and enjoy (that includes translations of English fics!). My hope is also that this community will encourage English writers to ask native speakers for help every time they want to include a foreign quote in their fics. Remember: native speaker is always better than google translate!

I will do my best to search for fics myself, but I will strongly rely on your submissions. Please feel free to submit links to your fics (or any fic written in a language other than English). @this blog when you post a fic on tumblr, so I can find it easily. I’m just one person and as such will not be able to find every fic ever written myself!

Please be aware that I (@hanni-bunny-lecter) am not nearly as good a polyglot as our Hanni, so I can’t be responsible for the content you guys submit to this blog. I will need your help in organizing fics. When you submit, please give me as many informations as you can, so I can properly tag your fic: main pairing, whether it’s an AU or a canon fic, whether it’s fluff or angst, warnings and/or kinks, rating (PG, Mature, Explicit) and, of course, the language (ideally its original AND English name, i.e. Polski/Polish). You can submit links to fics published on any website - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth, ff.net, tumblr, your personal blog, national fan community sites, anything. I already reblogged my own fics, so you can check their tags and see what info I’ll be needing. You can also check the current tags page (it may change in time to make things more clear).

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TL;DR: 1. Here you will be able to find Hannibal fics written in languages other than English (plus translations from English); 2. When you submit fics, please tell me at least the main pairing and the language in which the fic is written; 3. The blog is currently run by one person who will need your help finding all fics :)


so, i decided to write my final film history paper on the silence of the lambs bc it was a pretty significant film and stuff and now i am vaguely interested in watching the hannibal tv show even tho i have too many shows to catch up on already



We will try to sweeten the last week with some visual… kickstarters :) hopefully delighting and pleasing to you, maybe even help you along with your submission! And Will’s imagination…. is always a delight^^. 

(I mean, he sees himself naked in Hannibal’s eyes, in the artful creation Hannibal adapted. So. Just sayin’)

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