Today was a GREAT day to be an INSPIRIT, 

Firstly, INFINITE was on the Golden Disk Awards. Not only did they look healthy, rested, and ready, Woogyu got a special stage, INFINITE was actually shown in the opening scene, and their performance was magical. On top of all that, WE WON A BONSANG AWARD, putting the boys in the ranks with top performers.

INFINITE accepted the award very graciously, as well, with every single one of them ninety degree bowing to the presenters, audience, and Inspirits at home. Each one who spoked personally thanked the Inspirits, showing just how much we mean to our boys.

Secondly, INFINITE's  concert, RETURNS: OGS, sold huge sections out in a matter of minutes to K-Inspirits.

Thirdly, INFINITE and MNet surprised us with a new reality/variety show entitled, “THIS IS INFINTE”. This set Inspirits around the world in a frenzy, as anyone who has seen their shows know just how perfect they are on variety.

Fourthly,”THIS IS INFINITE” trended on Twitter WORLD WIDE, showing just how excited people are for our boys.

Thank you, Sunggyu, Woohyun, Sungyeol, Myungsoo,Dongwoo, Hoya, and Sungjong for giving us all these amazing treats today. Inspirits will continue to work hard for you, just as you do for us.

And, Yeollie, don’t worry, we would NEVER cheat on you.