hi hello this is ginny. thought i’d do some first proper introduction on this blog! ok lets start: my real name is gianne, but since almost everybody mispronounces/misspells it, you can just call me ginny. i just turned 18 last april 19th but still some of my friends and relatives think i look much younger. i’m generally a nice person, very friendly but can be really shy sometimes. if you’re looking for any new friends then HERES ME just go send a message and i’ll answer asap!

about my gif/edit blog, well it’s only been here since the 27th of june. still havent reached an exact two months but i feel like ive been here for AGES because of the friendly and amazing people who appreciate my posts <3 i try my best to make creative and original content and i really hope you guys like them! im not a complete expert when it comes to photoshop so i still look at tutorials now and then.

to everyone who follows me, thank you so much. to everyone i follow, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK I LOVE U i just reached a good amount of 300 followers today and if only i could give each and everyone of you a cupcake CAUSE I REALLY WOULD

well that text post was long and very emotional hope i didnt scare you off. if you read til the end I LOVE U THANK U FOR WASTING YOUR TIME FOR ME AND YEAH for the last time this is ginneh and thank you so much (≧◡≦)

It’s not that I object to social media being plastered with posts about a TV series.

But I think people could, I dunno, at least try to say something constructive? I know it’s all the rage nowadays to send death threats for spoilers, but what does a person think when they log on to social media and write “aaah holy fuck that episode, its first 5/10/15/20/25 minutes, its battle/sex/dialogue scene!”

…I get it. You’re enthusiastic about something. You want to share. But you wrote the same thing last week. And the week before that. You’re not contributing.

Please Don’t Go

Another Wattpad request. (Reminder than GoT requests are temporarily closed.) I do not own Tyrion or Daenerys. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: slight angst, arguments, fluff

Pairings: Tyrion Lannister x fem!Targaryen reader, mentions of Daenerys

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You frowned deeply as you watched your sister pin something to Tyrion’s clothing. It was only a few hours ago that your sister informed you that she intended to sail to Westeros. To make matters worse, Daenerys was insisting that you remain in Meereen to rule in her stead while Tyrion went with her. That’s what hurt you the most.

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