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“We’re sinking!”

Not-Freddy: “I’ve got to save the instruments!”

*immediately collects one drum, a cymbal stand, a giant mint, and a lawn chair*

*leaves guitar, tambourines, drumsticks & other drums to sink to the bottom*

At least he has his priorities straight.

I feel like some of yall forget that female idols get their period lmao meanwhile your ass is in bed crying they are still on stage trying their fucking best so stop disrespecting female idols and be more aware of the face that they could be in their period right this moment when you’re making fun of them for not dancing powerful so some shit idk I’m just so tried of my ladies getting hate

150+ kpop songs you should be listening to

underrated girl group version

thank you @boptokpop for the idea and the tips ! :)

songs in bold are personal favourites

songs in italics have a sexy or triggering concept

a.de: good time

aoa: excuse me, bing bing, my boy (japanese), good luck

aoa black: moya

apink: luv, cause you’re my star, only one, remember, petal, promise u, i don’t know

april: april story, dream candy, tinker bell, snowman, muah!

berry good: don’t believe (live), angel, because of you, my first love, love letter

bloomy: because of you흥칫뿡

brave girls: rollin’ (clean ver.), high heels, deepened

bulldok : why not (live), feel your love

clc: pepe, hobgoblin, no oh oh, high heels, like

dalshabet: someone like u, fri. sat. sun., joker, be ambitious

dia: mr potter, on the road, my friend’s boyfriend, somehow

dorothy: purple lips

dreamcatcher: catch me (live), lucky strike

f-ve girls사기쳤어짝1호사랑한다안한다, this and that

fiestar: apple pie, mirror, you’re pitiful

flashe: the star of stars, my day, lip bomb

girls girls: juicy secret, girls girls

glam: i like that, party(xxo), in front of the mirror

gugudan: a girl like me (live), wonderland

h.u.b.: our time together, girl gang

hellovenus: mysterious (live), venus, i’m ill, paradise, glow

highteen: boom boom clap (live, dance ver.)

ibi: molae molae

laboum: shooting love, aalow aalow, what about you, pit-a-pat, sugar sugar

ladies’ code: galaxy, the rain (live), bad girl, hate you, kiss kiss, i’m fine thank you

loona: vivid, kiss later, let me in, love&live, around you, my melody, my sunday, i’ll be there

lovelyz: wow, hi~, ah-choo, destiny, candy jelly love, good night like yesterday

matilda: summer again, you bad! don’t make me cry, disney medley, macarena

melody day: kiss on the lips, color, speed up, #loveme

minx: why did you come to my home, love shake

miss a: only you, hush, bad girl good girl, breathe, touch, i don’t need a man

mixx: oh ma mind, love is a sudden

momoland: jjang koong kwang

myb: ddoddo, my oh my

oh my girl: listen to my world, closer, liar liar, windy day, cupid

pinkrush: fingertips

playback: playback, i wonder

pledis girlz (pristin)  : we, adore you cover, woo wee

purfles: 1.2.3, bad girl, a bad thing

rainbow: whoo, black swan, tell me tell me, sunshine

secret: i’m in love, i do i do, shy boy, yoohoo, talk that, poison, love is move, starlight moonlight, magic

sonamoo: i like you too much, i think i love you, deja vu, cushion, first kiss

spica: you don’t love me, secret time, tonight, russian roulette, lonely, ghost, cups (pitch perfect cover), painkiller, i’ll be there, i did it, doggedly내가 미친년이야 (piano ver.)

stellar: sting, fool, crying, study, mask, love spell

sus4: pick me up, shake it

t-ara: tiamo, number 9, do you know me, roly poly, sexy love, day by day, so crazy, sugar free, lovey dovey느낌아니까, first love, hide & seek, little apple

twox: over, double up, ring my bell

unicorn: blink blink, huk

various: barbie girl, i only want you

wjsn: secret, catch me, i wish, momomo

wonder girls: why so lonely, i feel you, be my baby

2eyes: pippi (acoustic ver.), don’t mess with me, shooting star

2ne1: goodbye, come back home, missing you, gotta be you, happy, lonely, ugly, do you love me

4ten지독하게, tornado, why, go easy

9muses: wild, gun, dolls, drama, hurt locker, sleepless night, lip 2 lip

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