BIGBANG: When his girlfriend ignores all of his calls.



G-Dragon: *Goes on messenger* Well look who’s about to get her phone spammed with messages, now let’s get started~ 

T.O.P: Do you want me to read your mind or something? I don’t know what else you’re expecting from me–So can you stop being silly and pick up your phone already?

Seungri: *Looks at other members* Um–I’ll be back in about a hour *Turns and walks into the door* Gah!–Okay, now I’m leaving. I can’t believe I just did that–but finding her is what matters most right now!

Taeyang: Okay…I suppose I can just wait, she’s probably just away from her phone right now…

-2 hours later- Just a few more minutes, I’m sure of it.

Daesung: *Smiles bitterly* Okay then. I see how it is. I suppose you can’t always have time for me. Even when I need it. Because you know, I’m rather busy lately. But it’s fine, I’ll just wait until the next chance comes around. Maybe then you’ll answer your phone.


BIGBANG: When you're dancing to one of their songs and you try to get him to dance with you.

No worries! You’re English is perfectly fine, I understood what you meant. This was fun to think of reactions for so I hope you enjoy!


G-Dragon: I think I’m good just watching you dance from here *Laughs* And I don’t really feel like going to the hospital because I got to close to you dancing.

T.O.P: No–No I’m good, but thanks for the offer. You’d think she’d realize by now that I don’t dance.

Seungri: Okay if you want me to dance then follow my lead! *Dances* I didn’t say it would be a good lead.

Taeyang: Okay, but let me get comfortable first. *Takes off shirt* Okay, start up the music.

Daesung: Okay, [Y/n], I think it’s time I taught you the dancing skills I’ve gained over these past few years! *Dances* 



CL & Daesung - chest pop テソチェリいちゃこらぁああぁあぁああああぁあおおおおぉおおおおおおおおおああぁあああ