alright homies listen up !! me and miri were freaking out about the updates and we though hey,! let’s make a groupchat. so here we are !! there won’t be a typeform or anything like that. all you have to do is follow me, miri & jill  (you don’t have to, but it increases your chances!) and reblog this post, likes won’t count. we will be picking randomly and when this reaches enough notes!! if this flops then this didn’t happen shh.

also it will be on whatsapp so everyone has the chance to be a part of the gc. good luck !!

Voltron Skype Network

You like Voltron? Need somewhere to scream about it with other fans? You’ve come to the right place! I’m making a Skype-based Voltron network and guess what…. you can join it !!!


-don’t bring up triggering topics

-keep cussing on the low-side please

-you must be at least 13

Once you’ve filled out this (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LrHf8lMsSAE-wDhq4YS0QtB4nD1VyW-wGUQfbFaTrjM/) form I’ll be adding you on skype as Elena >:3c


do you like fics? do you enjoy talking about said fics with your peers as well as making life long friendships along the way? well this is just for you buddy ol pal. here at the larries fic rec club, we yanno read fics together and like talk about it. so if you wanna do that and it seems interesting to you and you wanna make some fic loving buddies, come join us :) thanks. 

- follow me and mick
- reblog this, likes for bookmarking only 
- fill out this typeform

- not many 
- hella fic recs tho 
- you can make friends here too and thats Sick 
- you get followers and reblogs on ur selfies

we will be making several groups, so whoever reblogs this basically gets in so its like a win-win situation, you cant lose. um yeah : ) coolio

Hiked a total of 12 tough miles into the canyon in 100+ degree heat, slept in a very uncomfortable hammock, had a squirrel ruin and eat through my backpack and it was alllll worth it for this unreal view of the canyon and Colorado river.

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