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Happy Friday Everyone! How’s your week been? Mine has been incredibly long and I’m really looking forward to lazing around on the weekend. And basically, just chilling. One of the things, that I love doing on such days, is to spend quality time with my family. Maybe watch a movie, have some yummy food, play a couple of games. Sounds perfect! So for this weekend roundup, I wanted to share some of my favourite Game Night games. All of these are the DIY versions of games that we all love to play. But, I feel like the handmade ones are a lot more special. So, here are 25 DIY Games, for you to try!

The Religion Of The Healing Church In Bloodborne [LORE STUDY]

The Religion Of The Healing Church In Bloodborne [LORE STUDY]

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Lately, during my readings on the lore of Bloodborne I’ve noticed a reoccurring viewpoint regarding the religious aspects of the story and in particular the Healing Church of Yharnam. Many people have been quick to point out that although on the surface, the Healing Church appears to be a fictional version of Catholicism, it is in fact has more in…

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Doom II - 2016 - by Alexander S. aka “Eternal”

Eternal pushes Doom in a lot of different directions; lately, though, he’s been on sort of a classic kick. END POINT is something like a golden-age Doom II episode made for limit-removing ports. I can’t say why it reminds me of stuff like Memento Mori or Icarus, but it does, and if the blazing pace of modern megaWADs has you beat, you might try this somewhat more relaxed - if fairly meaty - take on Doom II.


i was tagged by @jacessimon  ;)) thank you so much, marlene!

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how old are you?  24 - so old for tumblr…
current job/dream job? counting things! dream job? Writer for sh? 
what are you talented at? making my gf laugh probably 
what is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? some more qualifications for work that are ongoing but i’m getting there
what is your aesthetic? idk? puppies, dark red and gold, sunshine, spices
do you collect anything? comics but to read more than collect
what is a topic you’re always up to talk about? i’ll join in most things, but i’m a bit shy so i tend to be quiet until someone else starts
what’s a pet peeve of yours? white people talking over poc IN A RUDE FASHION (sh fandom is SO bad for this)
good advice to give? don’t expect everyone to be perfect 100% of the time because it’s impossible
recommend three songs? ive been listening to citrine a lot the last two days so basically any 3 songs off that ep!

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I play a video game! Bioshock Remastered to be specific.