The Libro de los Juegos, (“Book of games”) was commissioned by Alfonso X of Castile and completed in Toledo in 1283. It is an exemplary piece of Alfonso’s medieval literary legacy.

The book consists of ninety-seven leaves of parchment, many with color illustrations, and contains 150 miniatures. The text is a treatise that addresses the playing of three games: a game of skill, or chess; a game of chance, or dice; and a third game, backgammon, which combines elements of both skill and chance.


It’s been literally 3 years before I discovered it, but here’s a voiceover I did for Bananagrams Wild Tiles!

D&D: Strange Character #1

DM: “I reviewed the character profiles…and uhhh. Who is Vaness, the Sesucctress? What’s a “sesucctress”?!“

"A Seductress of the Succ!”

DM: “How will that be helpful…in a dungeon? Like, how will your "the sweet succ” ability work when you roll?“

"Isn’t it obvious? I can seduce the enemy with pleasure while the party prepares. Okay…let me explain. Roll a 1: Just a little teeth. Roll a 10: More than the tip. Roll a 20: Fellatio Fantasma!”

DM: “….”

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