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My history teacher says that the dictatorship of Fransisco Franco in Spain wasn't really a fascism per se, what do you think of that?

They can say whatever they want. If they mean that because Franco’s regime was much “shared” with the Catholic church unlike Mussolini’s or Hitler’s, fair enough. But let’s see if that little detail made it a non-fascist dictatorship:

- Ultranationalism: Check
- Autarchy and protectionism: Check
- Racism, belief in a superior race, and eugenics: Check
- Ultra-controlling State: Check
- One and only supreme leader: Check
- Devotion to said leader: Check
- Use of repression and violence: Check
- Censorship and propaganda:  Check
- Control over education in all stages:  Check
- Idealization of the agrarian life: Check
- Militarism: Check


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