Emo Trinity

Don’t panic. You do that at the disco

Don’t fall out. You can only do that with a boy

Don’t break up. Only my chemical romance can do that


50-51/? pictures of 2007 Patrick Stump

My Favourite
  • Me: *listens to tøp* this band is great. All their songs have a different sound to them. Every one of them is great. This is my favourite band.
  • Me: *listens to fob* nononono THIS right here is my favourite band. This is the first band I ever really got into and is my favourite and I love it. All their songs are awesome. My favourite.
  • Me: *listens to panic!* Uhh actually I think I prefer this. Beebo has the best voice literally the BEST voice he is the best person ever I love him this is my favourite.
  • Me: *listens to MCR* okay I know they're technically dead but they'll never be dead to me. They make me cry but I love them. They just make me so happy they're definitely my favourite.
  • Me: I give up
Interaction - A Suitehearts ficlet

Not really a story so much as showing them as characters and how they bounce off each other. Feel free to read the synopsis of the au if you’d like as well!

Word count: 1,836
Warnings: None


“What are you doing?” Sandman’s boots clanked as he walked over next to the Dr., leaning in and dipping his head sideways curiously. On the opposite wall the shadow of Mr. Benzedrine narrowed its eyes and shifted closer, bending the laws of light in the process.

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The Emo Trinity statuses

Fall Out Boy: Gone are the songs with long titles that take about 7 minutes to read

Panic! At The Disco: Gone are like ¾ of the members

My Chemical Romance:


dreams do come true. thanks Buzzfeed + North Shore Animal League  🐶💜


Fall Out Boy Plays With Puppies (While Answering Fan Questions)