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Summary: Ashton’s little kitten loves to disobey him just to feel punishment, because they both loved it. Also, if she is good enough, there is always a reward in the end for good behavior for daddy.

Word Count: 2,718 [i got so carried away lmaoooo. i need holy water eye drops after reading this to myself.]

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Requested: Yes

Summary: You’ve always been on the curvier side. It wasn’t the type of curvy that was always pretty, but none the less you were still curvy and thick. You think that your body shape is ugly, and you can’t help but feel insecure about it. So, being the good boyfriend Ashton is, he wants to show you how beautiful you are. c:

Word Count: 1,647

A/N: Don’t ever think that your body shape is ugly ok? No matter what, you’re beautiful and deserve to be loved by anyone who deserves you. c:

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Perry (dean) killed the paper kids isn’t it coincidental SHE was the only one there

That SHE murdered them then set up Mattie to look like she killed them because Perry’s having nightmares so it’s not too out of question.

The dean picked perry because no one would suspect someone wanting everything to be normal, to raise hell.