Frontwoman Amy Lee alternated between playing challenging piano to masterfully singing. Her voice could send shivers down anyone’s spine with its skillfully resonance, and the passion was could very undoubtedly be heard. It is unfortunately rare to truly feel the passion of a performer in our modern time, but this was not the case on October 15th. Observing the crowd would show the tremendous amount of fans that were moved to tears by Evanescence’s more emotional songs, or mood immediately lifted by the band’s more romantic and optimistic tunes. This emotional response was entirely due to the heartfelt passions of the performers, from the talented and absolutely perfect orchestra, to the band member’s themselves. A whole heart and soul was present in each song without a shadow of a doubt.
—  ‘Synthesis’ concert review by Anabel DFlux (Rock Revolt Magazine 2017)

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Was it you who did the goofy “wake me up inside” cover because I was listening to it somewhere and it sounds like you