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anonymous asked:

What are Minhyuk and Jooheon ideal type? Thank you.

We’ve analyzed this a little, and we also contributed their actual ideal types into our answers as well (they’ve mentioned these once or twice from what we recall). 

Minhyuk likes people who are chubby. A size? We don’t know. He mentioned that he doesn’t mind if they’re not super thin or in good shape. So, don’t be too insecure about anything. He seems like an accepting person. Minhyuk gives me the vibe of that one cheesy guy in any drama—with the romantic gestures, greasy comments, etc. He’s very upbeat all the time as well and it’s obvious he loves cuddles. Someone who’s not afraid to go all out when it comes to showing how much you love him. He’s also said he wants to be with someone that has a “unique charm” and someone who is the opposite of him. A person with an odd sense of humor that still manages to make him feel loved, yet listens to him when he’s feeling upset. 

Jooheon is very relaxed when it comes to intense situations, from what I can tell—it only means that he’d be easy to talk to and would probably want someone similar to that. While he does love talking and hanging out with others, someone who could respect his need for personal space, especially for his work, would be ideal. He’s called Kang Sora his ideal type. He says he also likes people who look good in jeans. Maybe he’s a butt man? Looking bootylicious? He’s your man. Someone who can handle aegyo and has a free spirit just like him. A good sense of humor also helps, since he’s not too serious about things, and you shouldn’t be either. A playful significant other who respects him is ideal.