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Why TVD was kinda cool. Why Williamson was missed. Why Delena shouldn’t have last and is against the actual LOGIC of the fucking show.

1. Listen, you can say whatever you want but Delena relationship has from the very beginning a very messed up foundation. Remember when Damon came to Mystic Falls? It was to open the tomb and free Katherine aka love of his life who manipulated him and basically destroyed him. He came because the conditions were reunited. Comet, etc. Still, the first time he met Elena, he met the doppelganger of Katherine, better he met a version of Katherine who could love him like he wanted to be. He knew that Katherine loved his brother and that he was just an entertainment. Elena was this naive girl, ready to be manipulated, loved and protected by her family. Well a version of Katherine who had everything on a silver platter, when Katherine was destroyed by an actual trauma / death of her parents and loss of her baby. When Damon came to her, he said what Elena WANTS. No. It was what he wanted “ A dangerous love, comuming you blablabla bullshit”. Elena was compelled to forget it, but I’m pretty sure that this declaration of Damon still subside in her subconscious.

2. Delena had to happen. 

For a really good reason, for plot. Stelena was presented for a warm love based on trust and friendship. Elena and Stefan were friends who connected on a spiritual level, when Damon with his repeated harassment attempts wanted to steal his brother place without any concession. No battle fair and square. Stefan in letting go Elena did the selfless thing because he knew that Elena needed this relationship. He wanted to erase the frustration. He wanted to erase the doubt with “ is Elena want to be with Damon when she’s with me? “ something no one should get into. Look at this interesting parallel btw between Stefan and Damon. When Katherine was between the brothers, Damon didn’t let her be with Stefan resulting on awful emotional bruises. Stefan let go Elena and made his peace with it. He basically grew up cause he understood that we can’t control someone’s feelings. 

Delena had to happen to make a point. For me it was completely sure that Delena was never meant to last. The Damned season 5 was the worst of Tvd, not because it was Delena centric, but because they romanticized a situation that was completely crazy. Delena fights were like a freaking day without end. Same pattern, same dynamics but NO CHANGE. Which is breaking the golden law of scriptwriting. A conflict has to be resolved. A fight has to be the expression of values. Both of these rules in story introduce an actual resolution. THIS resolution happens to make the characters forward. The season 5 was awful because the characters didn’t move forward. It was the same thing, over and over and over. 

So, with some thinking, I thought it was probably what JP and the Writers room was trying to say. That Delena doesn’t change. Damon doesn’t challenge Elena. Stefan does. Challenging someone is not making them do awful stuff and say “ yaaah you are so cool”. NOPE. Challenging someone is making them realize another perspective. Damon’s perspective was against the values of Elena, and I’m sorry but the values of a oneself can’t be destroyed simply because of “love”. Also Delena sex scenes were more passionate, animal and numerous compared to Stelena. This difference everyone in the fandom saw it. This is why we can draw a line Delena- Sex/ Stelena - dialog. And Season 6 , Elena asks Stefan if she will have the same relationship with Damon than with him. and this is when I actually understood Elena.

Season 5, she says a lot the word of choice. She stands by her choice. It’s like she’s forcing herself to stand by this choice. Why? Because Elena feel guilty. She basically broke Stefan’s heart for the best sexy summer in all time, and didn’t even see that her best friend was dead. Standing by this choice… Elena wanted to be responsible: No she can’t go back with Stefan when she broke him, she can’t pretend to be a good friend when she wasn’t. So She has to stay with Damon even if she knows that it’s good for her. Season 5 was awful but interesting and really messed up. The end, the death of Damon was an opportunity to stop everything at its pinnacle. For me they messed up there. Damon and Bonnie should have been dead for at least three years. The time Elena needed to heal. To date. To get over it. Also, the powers given to Alaric was such a bad idea. Erasing her memory stuck Elena on a state pre-Delena so she basically NOT FREE. Elena needed to get crazy. It was Stelena time to go back, Stelena time to rebuild her making a parallel with season 1 when Elena lost her parents.


THE POINT WAS MADE BY KEVIN WILLIAMSON, you guys should definitely listen to Kevin Williamson’s interview in TVD forever :

He was explaining WHY he began TVD and it was because he was grieving. TVD was about finding life in the most desperate times. Hope. Light. GRIEF. 
This is why Elena falling in love with Stefan made sense. This is why killing Jeremy Gilbert MADE SENSE. Jeremy wasn’t supposed to come back. The idea was that you’re going to loose so many people but you will be strong enough to get through to evolve. 


3. So Now Bamon. Why Bamon is working and not Delena? Because the foundation built by WIlliamson WORKS WITH THEM. Bonnie is the one who fucking lost everyone without any possibility of return from the beginning. Dad, Mom, Grandma. Her mom is a vampire so she’s dead. Her father was killed by Silas, her grams was dead because she tried to release other dead people. Caroline is a vampire, Elena is a vampire so dead. Matt is barely alive. Bonnie wasn’t.

She was a tool, in automatic mode. She was barely living in using her magic in desperate times. Her obsession, her self-depreciation showed that she was a person DEAD INSIDE. This is WHY she was so prompt to kill herself so many times, to save people? No. To end herself. 

And then. Damon happened. Damon who was the less alive person on the planet, MADE BONNIE FREAKING BENNETT ALIVE. SEASON 6 BITCHES.

Either it is a friendship or a love relationship, Bamon > Delena

Bonnie came back in the realm of the livings and the first thing she said was “ NOW IT’S ME. ME. FIRST” She was ready to kick asses for her, she was ready to BE ALIVE. THis dynamic is insane and gives SO MUCH SENSE to a loooot of things and critics.

Also, now Bonnie let herself be in love. Damon literally saved her life. HE GAVE HER WHAT DE SHIPPERS CLAIMED HE GAVE TO ELENA WHEN IT’S not the case. Damon gave Bonnie the freaking holy fire ( no pun intended). Also it’s kinda interesting how magic is portrayed as life…

Season 7: Bonnie cries when Damon leaves and kill himself basically gives up on life. This is a nightmare for her. How the one who gave her life and the will to fight can kill himself? It’s a fail. It’s her worst nightmare. And now Damon is missing with Enzo. She lost her magic. What if it’s actually emotional? She lost it becaaause she’s dead inside AGAIN?.

So this is why this tv show was interesting.