okay hopefully this is not double-posting bc i thought i tried to share these snaps with y'all earlier, but also i got distracted so maybe i just didn’t finish?? anyway here are some primary colors, also arguably some ~resting bitch face~ but i reject that construction as being imposed exclusively on AFAB ppl, like, i wasn’t feeling mean, just not actively smiley! anyway 😚😚😚?

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Genos saves up money to help saitama pay for his breast reduction surgery and when saitama finds out he just becomes a big ol happy emotional mess AAAAAA.

YES Genos keeps it a secret and saves everything he can in a little jar or box inside his private area in the apartment until he gets enough

And Saitama’s so grateful for it?? because he’s wanted that for a long time but he’d kind of just gotten used to the fact that he was going to have breasts forever

aaaa and after Saitama’s surgery Genos is super attentive to him and he asks the doctor like a ton of questions before they leave