got tagged by dani to do a thing.  decided to use this as an excuse to try fucking updating eden’s design. again.  one day i’ll be happy with it. still not happy with his body.

8 facts about Eden Rose

1. He does’t care for guns and tends to enjoy using hand to hand combat to very quickly bring someone down and keep in control of the fight. overall he likes trying to have the most control over anything he does.

2. Eden has troubles getting along with people and communicating feelings. He already feels awkward in his own skin, and him becoming a reaper increased his mental capacity ten fold as well, making it hard to understand some people’s actions.  he’ll often get annoyed easily with people and come off blunt. so to counter this he tends to just be quiet and sullen looking.

3. He can grow and manipulate plants at will. He tends not to use this incredibly often, wanting it to be used as more of last resort. he can also grow them from his flesh, but this is incredibly painful since he has no built up pain tolerance. 

4. His plant abilities influence his demon form, creating thorn like protrusions and sometimes tendrils looking like vines.

5. The scars on his shoulder are from his father nearly killing him with an ax as a child. 

6. He’s Gem’s boss and best friend. Though they try to keep their friendship somewhat hidden, it becomes obvious at times with how many situations he’s saved her from.  She’s the only person he truly trusts and confides in. She doesn’t mind trying to gently help him relax and get past many of his issues. 

7. He’s incredibly self conscious about his body.  his ailment has him grow muscle mass very quickly and it often makes him uncomfortable with how often his clothes don’t fit him. he also dislikes that most of his outer image is not influenced by him at all, and he hates being called a brute or a monster.

8. He has a pretty strong smoking habit, even though drugs don’t effect him in anyway. He finds it comforting as something to do when he’s anxious, which is most of the time. The habit was influenced by his father, and he hasn’t kicked it.  His daily life is incredibly stressful, so it’s not uncommon to walk into his office and see it thick with smoke.

Sign as "Fumes" by EDEN
  • If all we have is time then we'll be alright:Gemini, Virgo, Pisces
  • It's not much but it's better than nothing:Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • We're running on fumes but we'll make it through the night:Aries, Leo, Scorpio
  • It's not love but it's better than dreaming:Taurus, Cancer, Libra

Somewhere far beyond the sky
a world awaits, ours to discover
we can spread our wings and fly
come with me my dearest lover

There is a place we can breathe 
and love is free to sing her song
an Eden for all who will believe
I know a place where we belong 

Far from a world’s watchful eyes
beyond our birth or circumstance
we might find wherein beauty lies
and even kindness has a chance 

Come my dear we dare not wait 
for in an instant our ship departs
let us be bold and challenge fate
to share a world ruled by hearts