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blackwall. he likes you from the start, admires you without hiding it, even tells you at a certain point. he wishes he could be like you, being called to a higher power without wrecking your leadership. he says sorry before offending. understands transgressions and sins. always forgives. relentlessly loves and most importantly, carves toy griffons for your children.

Banter I Think Should Have Taken Place

*You must choose who stays: Alistair or Hawke*

Inquisitor: Nope. We’re all going back. 

Alistair: There’s no time. I’ll stay. The Grey Wardens are at fault for this. If they hadn’t … it should be me. Tell my love that–

Inquisitor: Shut up.

Alistair: But–

Inquisitor: I said shut up.

Hawke: Yes, shut up. Besides, it was my father’s blood that started this. It should be me–

Inquisitor: You also need to shut up. I said we all go back.

Hawke: But this demon spider isn’t going to wait all day! Our chances are dwindling by the second. There’s no way we can–

Inquisitor: Really? Are you kidding? “No time?” “Dwindling by the second?” Listen, we just wandered through the Fade at the most leisurely of paces while I made sure to search for Fade plants and minerals like we were strolling through a fucking field of sunshine and daisies. I also made sure to loot the bodies of the shit-ton of demons we killed along the way, even taking the time to backtrack and recheck areas in case I missed something. Oh, and then there was that moment when I had to stop and rearrange my pack because it was getting too full and not everything would fit. So yeah, of all the things I’m worried about, time is not one of them.


Alistair: *coughs*  

Hawke: Guess I can’t argue with that.

Alistair: She does have a point.

Inquisitor: We charge on three.


Merry Christmas I got you totally self-indulgent Qunari fluff. Bull  M. Adaar is my otp because I just like to imagine how completely WELL I NEVER all the Orlesian nobility gets over these big bruisy tanky Qunari boyriends stomping in to eat all the food and save the day. Especially at the ball when everyone is calling you “somebody’s pet”, sorry bruh we’re just gonna eat all the mixed nuts and stop your civil war and dance in your grand ballroom and steal all your Halla statues.

Bull that necklace is corny as hell and also the size of a human head, you will never wear it.

And to my real life friends who follow me here and don’t play Dragon Age and are like “Kelly what the hell even is this” this is a real thing in the game, it is actually this corny, this is what you have to do to marry Freddie Prinze Jr.

dgaider-deactivated20150130  asked:

Incidentally, the big reason "I Am The One" doesn't translate is because we didn't write it. "Leliana's Song", in contrast, we did. Either way, you are correct that Elvehn is a cipher. We keep it simple so we can all use it, and I've no doubt that makes it look pretty silly to anyone with linguistics knowledge. I like your posts on the subject, rather a lot.

So this means I get a job on the writing team, right? Right? No? That’s not the way this works? Darn.

In all seriousness, and I must stress that I am typing this through a heavy urge to go into fanboy fits, a cipher actually makes the most sense from a game design standpoint. You don’t want to have to explain grammar rules of a completely new language to a new writer. It’s easier to use a cipher, that to the average person looks and sounds like a language. Even given all my linguistics knowledge, it’s what I would do. 

You could have made a working conlang, but for the sake of time and effort, you would most likely have had to settle on using a few recycled phrases (I believe that’s what the writing team for Jade Empire did, with Tho Fan, if I remember correctly?). And given the choice between the two, I will choose a cipher every single time. Yes, it might sound a bit silly to those with linguistics knowledge, but having a character use the same exact three or four phrases, regardless of what he’s saying, is even sillier. 

I am humbled, astounded and extremely excited that you actually like my work on the subject. I’m doing this purely because of my love for the subject, and for my love of Dragon Age. I am working on my own universe that I am creating a table top game in, and I am creating languages for that as well. 

Thank you for taking the time to contact me. It made my night infinitely brighter. I have aspirations to eventually make it into the games industry, preferably as a writer, and you are one of my inspirations. I would make you some of my famous homemade hot chocolate as thanks, but I can’t throw that far.

Hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy the work I continue to do with Elvish, and I hope that you approve of the decisions that I make along the way. 


ahem. I mean… 

A Merry Christmas to you and yours, David, and a happy new year.