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video game scenery: [5/∞]
ruined temple ◁ dragon age: origins

“The Ruined Temple is the dilapidated remains of the Temple of Andraste. Sitting high atop the frigid Frostback Mountains, the temple’s interior is swathed with sheets of ice and snow. Nevertheless, considering the number of years since Andraste’s followers roamed its halls, the temple is remarkably intact”.


 lyrium & finery - a hawke/fenris mix  a mix for those gorgeous idiots who make puppy eyes, get together, break up, cry, wear ribbons and then finally get their shit together

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i. hurricane - 30 seconds to mars | ii. terrible love - the national iii. silence is all you know - katherine jenkins | iv. anger management - lovagev. lovesong - adelevi. the fire - ben howardvii. candles - daughter viii. set the fire to the third bar - snow patrol | ix. terrible love - birdyx. lover’s eyes - mumford & sonsxi. shiver - lucy rosexii. i will wait - mumford & sonsxiii. my boy builds coffins - florence & the machine |

super amazing artwork used with permission from smailika

we all fall down

He kisses her for the first time under an oak tree on the outskirts of camp.

It’s late in the afternoon on a warm summer’s day and the long-grass is tall and sweet, smelling like home and open fields and the honeyed musk of sunshine on wheat.

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