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[News] 160926 INFINITE Tops Weekly Charts With “INFINITE ONLY”

INFINITE’s new mini album “INFINITE ONLY” is still going strong on the charts!

On the Synnara and Hanteo weekly charts (September 19-25), the group took first place with “INFINITE ONLY” and second place with the limited edition version of their album.

INFINITE previously took over all major domestic music charts immediately following the release of “INFINITE ONLY” and took first place on seven Asian iTunes album charts as well.

Meanwhile, INFINITE dropped their sixth mini album “INFINITE ONLY” on September 19 and is currently promoting title track “The Eye.”

Congratulations to INFINITE!

Credits: Naver
Translated by: Soompi
Shared by: fyeah-infinite; take out with full credits

Infinite as taxi drivers
  • Myungsoo:Is silent, but if he starts talking he won’t stop. Drivers on his side will probably forget to start the car when green comes up, mesmerized by Myungsoo’s beauty. He’ll probably drive you to the wrong place because he forgot he was supposed to take you somewhere. Bonus, he gives you anime recommendation before you exit the car.
  • Dongwoo:He stops the taxi when there’s an injured animal or somebody who needs help. He probably takes them in the car too. (Especially if it’s an animal. Sungyeol will name them later). He wants to pay for making you wait for him but you give him a big tip anyway because he’s too nice. Is probably the only one that doesn’t diss the others and is the best driver.
  • Sungyeol:Thinks he’s the best driver. He always hits his head when entering the car. He probably has an espresso machine in his trunk. Sometimes he thinks the driver of the car on his side gives him a look, so he challenges them to a race. Bets the car, even if it’s not his. He probably forgets you were there. Also, ends up getting all the red lights.
  • Woohyun:It’s like a limousine. He has romantic music on. Opens your door when you get in and out. He acts like he’s your god damn butler and talks like one. Will probably serenade you if he’s in the mood. But then he’ll be totally embarrassed when he sees that your destination is your date with your boyfriend. Of course he also thinks he’s the best driver.He’s the one to actually accept Sungyeol’s race challenge.
  • Sunggyu:He only listens to this Nell CD and lies about the radio being broken when you ask if he could change it. He complains about youngsters looking at their phones when crossing the street. He thinks he’s the best driver,but he’s slow. He tries to make you acknowledge that and when you don’t he pretends he’s stopping the car and leaving you there.
  • He tries to stop the fucking race. He refuses to join, saying his mother doesn’t like him driving fast.
  • Hoya:He’s super awkward at first and tries breaking the ice by making bad jokes, until he’s finally able to have a normal conversation. He also thinks he’s the best driver. He brags he knows fancy car tricks but when you ask him to show you one he says he can’t do it with this car. At one point you tell him he’s going the wrong way but he bluffs his way out saying he knows it, but he wanted to give you a free tour because the weather is nice and stuff.
  • Sungjong:He checks his hair in the mirror and makes you realize you’re not as pretty as you thought you were. His anti-dryness mask has to be peeled off in 5 minutes so he’ll get you to your destination in that time even if it’s a 30 minutes’ drive, by any means necessary. He complains about the others thinking they’re the best drivers and being immature despite being older. He doesn’t stop the races because he secretly wants them to get fired so he’ll rule the streets.
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