[ENG SUB] 160927 ArirangTV After School Club Ep. 231

[News] 160927 INFINITE pitch team names at ‘Before School Club’

Boy band Infinite did a live V app broadcast before appearing as guests live on the “After School Club” show.

The members began the broadcast by revealing that they were doing the “Before School Club” broadcast, which usually takes place just before the live “After School Club” show.

Member Sungkyu revealed that they were being split into two teams, and they had to decide on a name for their respective teams.

After pitching a lot of ridiculous team names, such as “Sungkyu & his servants” and “Kimchi Stew,” they decided on “G-bang,” which means fat in Korean, and “Korea.”

After deciding their names, they ended the broadcast and urged fans to watch the live “After School Show.”

Credits: KpopHerald
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