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My Immortal - Hell’s Angel Songfic (Dean x Cas, angst, destielish) 4/28

A Weight Is Lifted (Dean, Sam, Reader, Charlie, Mom, Cora) (4/20)

Imagine telling Dean you’re pregnant.

You sat there in the bathroom staring at the double pink lines. You couldn’t believe it. That night of passion a month ago between you and Dean had some major repercussions. The two of you had known each other for a long time, loved each other even longer. You’d only been dating officially since that night of wild passion. That night a month ago you threw caution to the wind. You hadn’t had a chance to refill your birth control. The heat of the moment, Dean had called it.

That night, Dean had almost lost you while fighting a vampire. Once he had managed to kill it, he burned the body and tended to you with a gentleness that made you love him even more. You got back to your hotel and… Well here you were.

Double pink lines.

You heard the door of the bunker open as Dean and Sam walked in with Charlie. You guys needed her help with an ancient language that you and Sam hadn’t managed to decode for a case.

You left the bathroom and settled at a table in the library. Dean hit the bottom of the stairs with a smile on his face, laughing at Charlie’s mockery of Sam. His eyes met yours and he could immediately see that something was off.

“Y/N, what’s wrong, sweetheart?” He asked as he pulled up a chair next to you wrapping his strong arms around you.

“I…” You stumbled over your words not sure if you should have this conversation in front of Charlie and Sam.

“We’ll go ummm,” Sam searched for some excuse to leave the room, “look at those scripts now. Get Charlie up to speed.” He looked at Charlie, eyebrows raised encouraging her to follow him.

“No way, bitches. Something is going on and Y/N is my best friend. I’m sticking around,” she huffed and plopped down on the couch.

You chuckled softly at Charlie’s reaction and stood while Dean remained seated. You took his hands in yours and took a deep breath.

“Babe, you’re scaring me. What is it?” He looked at you his hazel/green eyes full of concern.

“I’m not sure how else to say this, so here it is,” you sighed. “I’m pregnant.”

Dean’s eyes locked on yours and and a smile spread across his face.

“Wow!” He uttered, a sound of pure joy and amazement. “You’re pregnant?”

You looked at him, stunned by this reaction. It wasn’t what you expected.

“Yes,” you smiled laughing at his enthusiasm. “You’re okay with that?” You questioned.

He stood and wrapped his arms around you pulling you closely to his chest. “You’re my girl. The most beautiful, genuine, stubborn, loving person I’ve ever known. You’re going to have my baby. I’m not sure I could think of anything I’d rather have,” he explained. “And lately, I was starting to wonder myself,” he added.

You leaned your head away from his chest and stretched on to your toes so that your lips could meet. The kiss was unlike any other you had experienced. The love in that kiss radiated throughout your body. If you had known this is how Dean felt about you being pregnant, maybe you should have thought of it a long time ago.

“I love you, Y/N.” Dean uttered as you broke apart from your kiss.

“I love you, Dean,” you replied pulling him close to you. This was going to be a wild ride, but with Dean, Sam, and Charlie by your side, it was going to be amazing. You couldn’t wait to share this with Cas. He was going to flip.

Pt. 4  A Baby In Baby