Dragon Age NYC Meet Up

Since Valentines Day is around the corner I thought it be neat if we do a meet up this month! So here is some info: 

Date: February 27th at 12 noon 

Location: central park specifically the Bethesda fountain (Mid-Park at 72nd Street.) 

If you’d like to cosplay please do! The fountain looks like a neat place to take pictures with everyone! Bring your sketch book and exchange doodles! I was thinking of doing some physical activities since we are going to be outside but i understand if that isn’t something everyone would be comfortable doing. (mostly silly things like three-legged races and maybe even a game of capture the flag depending on how many peeps are willing to part take!) 

Also if you are willing to cosplay it b rad to reblog with who you’ll cosplaying as! (if I can finish my Krem cosplay I might go as him!) 

edit: if there are any questions feel free to message me!