Please don’t ever use the term “faggot”, even if you are an LGBT community member. The word once was used as a term for a cigarette until the 1800’s when they rolled up gay people up in carpets and lit them on fire. They looked like cigarettes, so they started using the word faggot. That pissed me off learning that. Just DON’T use that word, ever.

The community that has gathered here is what sets Tumblr apart from all those other stagnant boring ass run of the mill social networking platforms for self expression like Facebook and twitter, it's def something else man. Something of great benefit to increasing the empathetic abilities of humanity to understand and relate to eachother in this divided era of time we exist in. Since I came here, it is without fail that My spirits are always uplifted every time I check my notifications cuz of how crazy it is to see all the different types of people that reblog/like the crazy shit I post up here... So I just wanted to take a min to say to ALL OF YOU...

… thanks for being such independently open minded critical thinkers y'all. Just knowing that there are so many interesting people out there that are nonjudgmental and accepting of drug counterculture who like myself have also evolved past the “thinking outside the box” mentality to realizing that “there is no box to think outside of”, is quite refreshing and gives me much hope that the future generations will reach an evolution of consciousness and unify as a species in less time than I once thought.

Originally posted by methed-up-samurai

Originally posted by methed-up-samurai

The Power Of Community: When This Man’s Wife Died, His Neighbors Came Together To Make Sure He Knew

Get ready to feel inspired! For years, Jim Mansfield and his wife, Karen, had been a staple of their small Ohio community, dutifully involved in everything from potlucks to the neighborhood watch. Everybody loved them. So, when Jim lost his wife of 31 years to cervical cancer earlier this week, his neighbors decided to come together and make sure he knew it.

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When I saw that horrifying "Donald Trump rally song" all I could think about was an episode of Community...

You know the one where Chang takes over the campus as a dictator and that little girl is at his birthday party singing “Chang eats the moon and drinks the skies and they’ll both go with him when he dies!”