CNBlue’s ‘You’re So Fine’ is so catchy and fun. And the video’s message about liking someone for their personality rather than for their looks. It’s really beautiful and it goes along with Zion.T’s 'Eat’ as some awesome songs that have a nice message that really care for the person. Props to you guys.


CONFIRMED: The Big Bang’s Last Great Prediction!

“There’s also a very, very subtle effect: neutrinos, which only make up a few percent of the energy density at these early times, can subtly shift the phases of these peaks and troughs. This phase shift — if detectable — would provide not only strong evidence of the existence of the cosmic neutrino background, but would allow us to measure its temperature, putting the Big Bang to the test in a brand new way.”

A new technique taking advantage of data from the Planck satellite has just detected the cosmic neutrino background definitively and in a new way, with the subsequent polarization spectra — set to be released by the Planck team — ready to confirm the greatest prediction of all: the cosmic neutrino background’s temperature!