The way i would write the whole hotch exit is have it so he is kidnapped by mr scratch. Kidnapped and the team are scrambling over multiple episodes to find him, maybe the whole season, and then they find the room where he is being kept, open the door, and it just zooms in on a pair of dress shoes on somone obviously collapsed on the floor. Just like hayley. They didnt get there in time. Hes been dead for weeks. Cue dramatic team break down. The end.

reasons why criminal minds should NOT have inter-team romantic relationships
  • it ruins the family dynamic of the team
  • as viewers, we don’t watch for the romance. we watch for the uniqueness of each case and the dynamic of all these characters put together as a team
  • yes, a lot of us ship inter-team romances but we are content with our headcannons and fanfics, we don’t want this show to become something its not
  • the family dynamic of all of the characters is the most important part of this show, please don’t ruin that.
  • we DON’T watch for romance
  • it ruins the family dynamic of the team
  • overall, it ruins criminal minds as a tv show.

I took up smoking – I don’t smoke – I took up smoking a month before starting the filming. I smoked two or three a day, leading up to doing the film, because … I’m glad you didn’t know if I was a smoker or not because I wanted it to look like I was. But that was part of the work. Actually, I was smoking very very light cigarettes myself. And then when we came to shoot the film, the props guys, I think, had bought some herbal stuff. But they didn’t put any filters in the cigarettes the first day, they didn’t have any, so I obviously wasn’t used to that. I had a massive throat infection for quite a while after that. Dedication!