Talk about it Tuesday: Decoding the Idol Group: Leader

Idol group leaders: they’re either appointed by their company because they’re the oldest member or because they’re the most charismatic. They’re usually the ones who open the group introductions and are the one who tend to speak for the group during interviews or press conferences. Overall, the position of leader has always been the most challenging role to play out considering that whatever happens to the group, the leader is more or less the one held accountable for it, and over the years, the K-pop industry has had its fair share of idol leaders.

From the strict ‘motherly’ leader to the relaxed unnie or hyung-type leader, leaders in general are always seen as the supposedly most dependable ones in the group, and whether or not that’s always the case is just one of the topics of discussion for this week’s Talk About it Tuesday. So on to part two of our Decoding the Idol Group series: THE LEADER.

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