Aku mau bepergian jauh, asalkan pulangku adalah kamu. Karena tidak ada langkah kaki yang lebih bahagia jika dibandingkan pulang pada pelukmu.


    As you all know, by know that Cruella treats her Carlos like, well her own personal servant. Me and brother were watching it for the second time. So, I told my brother the relationship between them.

  And he was like ¨Basically he is dog to her¨ What he is saying, was that she treats Carlos like a dog. The thing is that it fits the ´theme´ of the villain.


[msg ⇒ Aoi] Someone took one of my strays away…
[msg ⇒ Aoi] Like they just walked in. Looked around for a moment, grabbed the cat and just walked right out with this angry look on her face.
[msg ⇒ Aoi] Was your day any better?