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Some jealous Yongguk for Eliiana on AFF as well as an anon. Enjoy. 

P.S is my boyfriend around here? Is he seeing this?

Nevermind, just read the jealousy smut

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Request by anonymous: I love BAP week! Can you do a scenario where you and Bang Yongguk are newely weds and you are already pregnant but you didn’t tell him. The both of you do want kids but not so soon in the marriage, so you havent told him in over a month. Super sweet ending please! Thank you!

Aghhhh, this request! I don’t know why but the idea of Yongguk in particular being a dad just gives me so much feels…hes so cute with kids! Is it just me??

-Admin Kitty

Originally posted by 00levandi

It takes you seven pregnancy tests for you to even believe it is true. You stare  at them there, in the bathroom sink, all lined up neatly, seven little soldiers all telling you the exact same thing.

Your mother has always told you that babies came when they wanted to come - whether the parents were ready or not.

And you’d always thought: not me. Not my baby.

You spend most of your life planning ahead, but you’d never planned for this.

Of course, it’s not as if you and Guk haven’t talked about it…but this baby was two years too early.

A honeymoon baby had never been part of the plan.

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