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Some jealous Yongguk for Eliiana on AFF as well as an anon. Enjoy. 

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Yongguk-One slap

Guess who’s back~~!! :D Although school has started up again and things are still crazy busy, I managed to find time to finally whip up this! Sorry for those waiting for BigBang or Nu'est ones…I’ll get there I swear! Hopefully my work hours will finally cut down (the last three weeks I’ve been doing 35-37 hours of work) and I’ll get to tackling some of those requests!

Until then, feel free to send in some love and questions since we really love that stuff!

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“Everything is ready,” you smiled to your boyfriend of two and a half years; Yongguk. The apartment had been super cleaned, the food and drinks set out in a nice array, and it was finally ready for the party you and him were hosting for the rest of BAP. Since the group had just returned from a long world tour, it was time to celebrate their success (after a few days of rest).

“Good,” Yongguk’s gummy smile came out and he kissed your cheek just before the members started arriving, some with their own girlfriends. They all bowed to you and Yongguk before heading straight to the food. All you could think at this was, ‘boys will be boys’.

Two hours into the party, the drinks were being consumed, at what should’ve been at an alarming rate, but you didn’t care as you found yourself chatting gayly with Himchan. You scooted closer to him so you could hear him over the music that was blaring-the neighbors would probably have a fit over that later.

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