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Oliver’s massive thirty-foot wingspan turns out to be the perfect breeding ground for an unwanted infestation, much to Felicity’s horror.

An add-on fic to Birds of a Feather in the Flying High ‘verse, this time with delousing shampoo, hug attacks, and so much frustration that dying in a hole would be preferred.

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anonymous asked:

I just finished reading Bird of a Feather (it kept me up from sleeping) it's just amazing?!?!?!?! I just want another 100,000 words about the courtship and how Oliver keeps doing things a little bit funny, like he tries to bring flowers but doesn't understand the point and brings some stinging nettles instead, or how he starts to do something, and Felicity misunderstands, and there's so much UST because things always get in the way and I just.... you're amazing thank you for this blessing

Oh my god, thank you SO MUCH! That’s such an amazing compliment, and I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed reading Birds of a Feather. It was my brainchild for many long, difficult months.

I would LOVE to write another fic, a sequel of sorts in @thatmasquedgirl‘s ‘verse about the courtship and possibly even Oliver and Felicity’s first time (because I can imagine it would be a little awkward and frustrating as they try to work around his wings), providing I have Masque’s blessing. There’s already a little oneshot in the works as a gift for Masque set during the courtship period, and I certainly have many more headcanons. That stinging nettle idea is hilarious!

You’re amazing, thank you :)