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With Desire

“So I’ll pick you up at 7pm?” Ukwon said over the phone.

“Yeah 7 sounds good” you said

“Alright I’ll see you then” Ukwon said

“Hmm alright” you said

“Love you babe” Ukwon said

“Love you too” you said before cutting the phone.

Block B was having a party to celebrate the success of their new album. It wasn’t gong to be a big event but there were going to he a lot of people.

It took you a whole to decide what to wear. Your best friend Sora helped you pick your dress. It was a red straight cut dress that stopped just above the knee. It was made from jersey materiel and was hence extremely comfortable.

You wore black heals and very little jewelry. You left your hair open and decided to go for the smokey make up look. All in all you looked hot and you got ready just in time. The doorbell rang as you ran to open the door.

“Wow! You look amazing” Ukwon said as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself” you said as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

Ukwon smirked as he leaned in and kissed you. His kiss was rough yet gentle, it was drowning you in a pool of desire. His hands roamed your body as you moaned against his lips arousing him even more. You pulled away from the kiss and said:

“We should go, it’s getting late”

“So? Let’s not go, I wanna stay here old with you” Ukwon said as his lips trailed down your neck.

“As much as I would love that, we have to go” you said slowly escaping from his grasp.

“That means I’m staying over tonight” Ukwon said with a smug look on his face.

The party was fun, you got to meet all the other members, met up with some of your friends but there was something that was off and that was Ukwon’s mood.

Ever since you got to the party there was this guy that had constantly been flirting with you. He was a friend of one of Block B’s stylists and he was really getting on not just Ukwon’s but your nerves too.

“Look I have a boyfriend and to be honest you’re really making me feel uncomfortable” you said

“I know, you’re Ukwon’s girl” the guy said as he put his hand on your shoulder “ehh come on I’m just trying to be friendly”

Ukwon watched from afar as his angry level sky rocketed. When he saw the guy touch you that was it. He walked up to you and grabbed your arm yanking you towards him.

“I’m sorry but do you have a problem with my girlfriend?!” Ukwon asked.

“Look dude this is between me and y/n” the guy said.

“There is nothing between you and my girl” Ukwon said as he almost hit the guy had you not been holding onto him.

“Kwon-ah let’s just go” you said pulling him away.

“Alright break it up, y/n I think you should take Ukwon home” Zico said.

You nodded and pulled him out from the party. The ride home was silent and somewhat heavy. I kwon held onto your hand and didn’t let go till you reached home. You fiddled with your keys before you finally got your front door opened.

As you walked in you threw your shoes just before Ukwon grabbed you and slammed you up against the wall. He crashed his lips into yours without any warning. His tongue invaded your mouth, not giving you a chance to even refuse.

His tongue danced with yours as Ukwon explored your mouth. Your exotic tastes aroused him as you moaned against his lips. Soon you were both running breathless as a Ukwon pulled away from the kiss trailing down your neck.

Biting, licking and kissing, your neck was a victim to Ukwon’s poisonous lips. He left very visible marks making sure everyone knew you were his and his alone. He picked you up as you wrapped your arms and legs around him. He carried you to your bedroom and threw you down on the bed.

He rid himself of shirt before he climbed on top of you. He grabbed your dress by it’s hem and yanked it off of you leaving you in your bra and underwear. You went to touch but Ukwon stopped you and said:

“Not so fast love, right now I’m in control and we’re gonna things my way”

Ukwon undid his belt as he held your hands above your head. He tied your hands to the bed with belt as he smirked at you. All you could was blink and breathe, you couldn’t utter a single word.

He crashed his lips into yours once again as his hands travelled to your back undoing your bra.

“You picked a good day to wear a strapless bra” Ukwon said as he pulled your bra off and flung it across the room.

He kissed his way down to your chest before taking your nipple in his mouth. He bit and sucked on it mercilessly, you arched your back at the sensation from Ukwon’s tongue. He let go your nipple leaving it hard and bruised as he gave the other nipple the same treatment.

You could feel his hard member though his pants. Oh how you wanted him inside you but you knew that he was gonna take his sweet time, doing as he pleased.

At this point you were already breathless and Ukwon had barely even begun. As Ukwon left your nipples hard and bruised his travelled down your stomach till he reached the hem of your underwear.

He pulled them off and threw them across the room. He stood up and in one go pulled off his pants and underwear. He climbed back on top of you and smirked. His lips kissed your thighs as his lips moved closer to your wet entrance, where you truly desired him to be.

“K-kwon-ah please let me go” you said almost breathless.

“Not yet my love, like I said I’m gonna do what I wanna go” Ukwon said as he looked up at you with a smug look on his face.

Suddenly you arched your back as a long and breathless moan escaped your mouth. Ukwon’s tongue felt like magic, as he sucked and licked you, you struggled to get loose but failed.

Slowly he retracted his tongue as you watched him lick his lips. He brought his lips close to your ear and whispered:

“I like the way you taste” causing you to let out a slight moan as his member brushed against your skin.

Without any warning Ukwon interested his finger inside of you, making your arch your back. He kept whispering dirty things to you as he inserted another finger. His touch, his voice, his words they all left you breathless, you were a moaning mess.

Sparing no pity upon you Ukwon inserted a third finger, digging them deep inside is you. You realized that Ukown must have reached his breaking point as he pulled his fingers out from you and positioned himself around you.

You were laying in front of him, breathless, eyes closed, cheeks flushed, sweaty and all because of him. He liked what he saw as he smiled and whispered in your ear:

“Tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you”

“I want you Kwon-ah” you said trying to catch your breathe.

“You want me to want?” Ukwon said in a teasing voice.

“I want you inside of me right now, I want you to make me completely breathless” you said as you slowly looked at him.

Ukwon smiled as he slammed himself inside of you without any warning. You jumped as you left out a loud moan. Ukwon didn’t wait for you permission as he started moving at a rapid pace, almost animal like.

He lazily kissed you as his hands found their way to yours to untie you. The moment your hands were free they fell onto his back and marked him. You bit down on the crook of his neck as he continued to thrust into you.

You couldn’t take it any longer as you were reaching your climax.

“Kwon-ah I’m almost there” you barely said.

“Wait a little longer I’m almost there to” Ukwon said as he kissed you.

Finally you both reached your climax as Ukwon collapsed on top of you. Both your bodies sticky and sweaty, both breathless and tired. Ukwon slowly pulled himself out from you as lay down beside you. Ukwon pulled the covers over you and him as he rested his head on his hand and watched you.

He saw the marks all over neck and the ones on your hand caused by his belt. He gently kissed all the marks he left on your neck and hands. He tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear as gazed at you. His look was different from before, it was soft and warm.

“Sorry if I hurt you” Ukwon said.

“I’m ok don’t worry” you said as you caressed his cheek with your hand.

“Y/n-yah” Ukwon started to say “I don’t like it when other guys look at you, I don’t like when they talk to you and I definitely don’t like it when they touch you”

You smiled at Ukwon and said:

“Ahh~ so you were jealous?”

“Yes! Because you’re mine and only I can touch you and look at you that way” Ukwon said as he nuzzled his face up into your neck.

“What way?” You asked as you played with his hair.

“With desire” Ukwon said as he grip around your waist grew slightly tighter.

You smiled down at him as he lifted his head up and looked at you. He gently kissed you lips before taking you in his arms and saying:

“I love you y/n-yah”

“I love you too Kwon-ah” you said as you slowly fell asleep in his arms.