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Girls be BOMB
Block-B reaction: When they are trying to flirt with you in a nightclub


“Hi beautiful, I-I liked y-you s-s …”*goes blank and starts to laugh*


“Hey baby, I like you, and I’m sure you like me too, do you want my phone number?”


“Oh, wow, look at you, you are so pretty… Don’t you think I am handsome too? We could be a nice couple.”


*In sweet tone* “Hey, how are you? I couldn’t help but keep my eyes on you, you are very cute.” *smiles shyly*


“Hey girl, look at all those ugly guys” *point to the other members of Block-B* “I’m much better than them, don’t you think?”


*With seductive voice* “Hey girl… I noticed you were looking at me. Do you want this all? It can be yours, don’t miss the opportunity.”


“Hello cutie, do you want to chat a bit with me?” *Does aegyo*

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