The signs as types of Girlfriends/Boyfriends (Requested)
  • Aries:The one that is always mad at you for something.
  • Taurus:The one who has a heart of gold
  • Gemini:The one who makes you laugh
  • Cancer:The one who's like your best friend
  • Leo:The one who wants to have adventures with you
  • Virgo:The innocent looking but super jealous one
  • Libra:The one who makes you spend all your time with them
  • Scorpio:The one who always wants to have sex with you
  • Sagittarius:The clingy one
  • Capricorn:The one who's always trying to get you to commit
  • Aquarius:The one that get's on great with your family
  • Pisces:The one who constantly cooks for you