On the topic of the album cover, here’s what we know:

  • Tyler said the album cover has “many layers” in a literal sense.
  • The blurryface twitter profile picture is a picture of a blurry face with holes cut out that correspond directly to the circles on the album cover.
  • I’ve heard a lot of talk about the fact that the circles on the album cover represent songs. (That was the first tweet I could find, but there are a lot of theories with similar hypotheses.)
  • If you enhance the blurryface album cover, you can see that the background isn’t solid black. It’s frosted, much like the photo on the twitter account.
  • ((Something is up with the U and the A not being crossed out in the title, and we’re still not sure what the lines on the circles mean - I thought it lined up to make a 4 for the 4th album, but Josh and Tyler refer to it as their second… Anyways, this part has no conclusion yet.))
  • I layered the Blurryface profile picture underneath the real album cover and the frosted/blurry edges actually match up surprisingly well. There are still lots of mysteries surrounding the album art, but my personal theory is that the only thing that can cut into blurryface - insecurities, doubts, anxiety, depression - is Tyler’s music. That’s why the circles are missing from blurryface’s picture- Tyler takes his demons and turns them into art, and that defeats them.
what would happen if I ever have a bf and go to his house for the first time
  • Me:omg what If they don't like me
  • Me:we would end up breaking up, I can see it.
  • Him:Relax babe, my parents will like you, it'll be fine.
  • Me:your parents? who the fuck cares about them? I mean your dogs!
  • Him:What
  • Me:What