Why Did I Big Chop?

Before my big chop, I used to texturize my hair every 3-6 months. It was nothing drastic– my parents just relaxed my 3C/4A curls to a consistent 3B.  I didn’t really understand was a texturizer was or what was happening, all I knew was that I liked how my hair looked after and it always made my hair easier to comb.

As you can see below, my hair progressively got more damaged. I would wash about once a week with sulfate based shampoo (typically Trader Joe’s Brand Shampoo) and then would put a curl activator in my hair. No moisturizer, no natural oils, literally just that curl creme at the end. In retrospect, I cringe.. but I digress..

I even started straightening my hair more occasionally and would wear these clip in extensions that would pull on my roots:

I didn’t use a moisturizer, and I didn’t wrap my hair at night! I know, I know– I put my hair through hell and back and I’m lucky to have any left on my head!

When I went to college, I learned about the Natural Hair Movement. A lot of my friends were natural, and I became very ashamed of the fact that my hair was texturized. As I learned more and saw the beautiful styles and twists that they could achieve, I became more interested in going natural. My hair was too fine to hold a proper twist out, and I couldn’t do much except where it down.

So, I began to transition. Not intentionally, but I did decide to stop using texturizers. For the first few months, nothing was out of the ordinary, but as my hair grew and two curl patterns began to show, I wore my hair in a lot of protective styles:

Including the first time I did Marley Twists myself!

And worked with transitioning curly hair:

While I was transitioning I put heat on my hair once, and my hair was brassy and dry. Now more than ever, I cemented the idea that i would chop my hair off. 

After a year of transitioning, I felt it was time to say good by to my relaxer for good, so I big chopped! (I’m on the right!)

I love how thick and healthy my hair feels, and my curls are supple and beautiful. I love being natural, and I’m never looking back!

What she says: I’m fine.
What she means: in Different as Can Be, Voldemort says “You won’t sleep on your back” after Quirrell CLEARLY says before in that same scene that he can only sleep on his back. And if Voldemort wouldn’t sleep on his tummy as well, then there would be no problem because then Quirrel could just sleep on his stomach. How, in all the rehearsals leading up to the release of AVPM, did no one in starkid realize this and say something about it? Did they all know and ignore that it was inaccurate? Could it have been that hard to change just one line?



By Diane Min & Kayla Morley

It was a hot early summer morning, waking up to a coffee and hash browns from McDonalds. We knew this was going to be the longest hike we’d ever done, but we didn’t quite expect how physically demanding it would be.  However, the 30km round trip was well worth the amazing view up at the top. Here is a recap of the five most beautiful viewpoints at Garibaldi Provincial Park on our way up to Panorama Ridge. 

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Mirror Mirror by Carrie Cole
Via Flickr:
Buttle Lake, Strathcona Provincial Park, Campbell River, British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Canada, Natural and Peaceful Sunrise