Their Daughter Having a Boyfriend: B.A.P


“When are you going to bring him to meet us, your parents? Your father, specifically :).”


So. Protective. You have no idea. Will ask her about every little detail, from hs family background, to his financial income.


From laughing to serious in less than 0.01 seconds. Will be very concerned for your further choices and might even bring in topics of protection and stuff like that.


Wouldn’t believe you, tbh. He’s that parent that’s more like a friend, so he might even diss you. *story of ma life right there*


Seriously happy for her and would gush around ever little gossip there was happening.


“I’m too young….. For this….. Shait….”

Grocery Shopping with B.A.P
  • Yongguk: He's a simple man. He's not too picky so all he'll really do is observe your product selection and give a nod of approval. He might even sneak in a pack of ramen...or maybe a whole box...or two.
  • Himchan: He knows what he likes! He has a complex flavor palette so he might take a bit more charge when shopping, but he is definitely an adventurous eater! He's not afraid to try new things!
  • Daehyun: He over compensates. "You think we need this sauce? I mean we don't need it now, but I know it tastes good and what if we need it for a dinner party? It's on sale right now!"
  • Youngjae: He's a bit more health conscious than the rest so he has an elaborate list of things. He'll pull it out, as well as a pen to neatly check everything off once it's in the cart.
  • Jongup: He's not a picky eater so he doesn't really care what you do or don't pick. But he'll definitely follow you around and help carry all the heavy stuff!
  • Zelo: You have to constantly decline his bags and boxes of junk food. "What about this? No? What about this one. This ones the best! It's my favorite" and he'll groan when you decline...he'll still put it in the cart tho...