Danger (vietnamese version)~ omg jungkook’s voice ♥_♥ it’ll sounds good no matter what language they use 

hello its me again bothering you guys with….


i hope that got your attention, its really important that we can give them a win this time, they really deserve this and they worked so hard for this, i know they dont outright ask us for awards but, if they work hard its our duty to work hard too right…

method 1: music streaming

So, what exactly is streaming?

Streaming is listening to a song from start to finish online. It’s as simple as that! it holds 50% of the digital sales count…. but online means on…

melon bugs mnet olleh and soribada [these are the ones that count for music shows and award shows]

naver and daum [dont count much, it helps a little, if you want to search 방탄소년단 on it]

method 2: youtube

yup just youtube…easy isnt it? ….just watch the MV…SEARCH IT!! NOT LINKED!!

watch it on Bighit’s official channel not anywhere else, it doesnt count if you watch it on 1thek or anything….

and keep the volume above 50%…and dont skip or replay, use refresh..okay?

also: if youtube is blocked in your country, try using proxy. see if it works okay? it works for some countries, it doesnt work for some, i dont know much about this.

method 3: physical albums

if you can afford albums, it totally alright. /hugs you/

but if you can…THIS IS THE HIGHEST COUNTING!! buy it/ pre-order it from yesasia, kpoptown, kpopmart….they are counted in the sales. very important!

method 4: voting

dont forget to go to mnet and vote there…this counts for mcountdown. you can just log in with your facebooks and twitters. its in english….and yeah this is important too.

for people who live in korea, you guys know what to do. use the SMS voting over there. for all the music shows.

method 5: finale

watch the MV from your phone too later after using your computers.

listen to the album online dont forget.


  • search using “방탄소년단” aka BTS in korean.
  • listen on melon first before downloading mp3…melon will using the mp3 in your PC and laptop. so it wont count.
  • listen hourly if you can
  • trend 방탄소년단 on twitter
  • avoid making mistakes with TAEMIN’S DANGER


홉이형 생일 진심으로 축하드려요~~ㅎㅎ 소소하게 챙겨드려서 죄송해요 ㅜ 그래도!! 마음만은 누구보다 축하하는거 알죠?“~~ 사랑합니당^^♥(저 장면은 케이크 커팅식이라는건 안 비밀><) pic.twitter.com/7UI4lCnvlI

Hopie-hyung, my sincere congratulations on your birthday~~ㅎㅎ sorry for taking the photo like thisㅜ But still!! Do you know who congratulates you from the heart more than anyone?”~~ I love you ^^♥ (that scene is the thing called “cutting the cake ceremony”, that is not a secret ><)

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I love you Bangtan @-@/

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