B2ST when they see a super attractive fan at a fan signing (request)

Yoseob: *tries to get your attention*

Hyunseung: *makes sure to flirt while he is signing your things*

Doojoon: *is really shy*

Dongwoon: *talks to you for a really long time*

Junhyung: *acts extra sexy during their performance to get your attention*

Kikwang: *winks at you from your place in line*


Dongwoon: Unprepared

(Request from ukk0345)

Your phone is vibrating in your hand.  You’re lying on the couch from where you fell asleep watching some variety show reruns.  Thank goodness I remembered to set an alarm to start to get ready.  You had a date with your boyfriend in a couple hours and you needed time to get gorgeous.  You look at the phone that continues to buzz in your hand.  It’s 5:02.  Your boyfriend was picking you up at 7.

You think about your boyfriend.  Dongwoon had been on tour with his idol group for two months and you missed him terribly.  Yeah sure, he called you like every day and sent you a ton of pictures, but that is so not the same. 

You stand up and stretch out the kinks in your back.  You catch a glimpse of yourself in the full-length wall mirror.  Man, do you need those two hours.  You are a wreck!  Your hair is knotted up in a messy bun that looked like a dilapidated beehive, your acne is particularly bad today, and you are still in your PJs and fairly thick-rimmed glasses.

You start to head back to the bathroom when you hear a knock on the door.  You look in its direction confused.  You rack your memory.  Did you make other plans without thinking again?  There is a knock again, this time a bit louder than before.  You run to the door and open it just a little bit, so as to hide your scary appearance.

“Yes?  Can I hel….”  You stare at the guest at your door, totally shocked.

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