oh little poet boy, i know that you are sound asleep and that your worries weigh you down, but i also want you to know that i will be here to kiss you goodmorning when you wake.

to the beautiful people on dearmyblank:

to everyone,

i cannot believe this. i cannot believe i didn’t see these earlier. i love you all so so much. i almost cried when i saw a letter addressed to a grace on here. then there was another. and another and another and another. and then i did cry. you are all beautiful beautiful people and my heart swells with every letter i read. i love you all, and i promise that i’ll try to write back. you may not know it, but each one of you is picking up a little bit of my loneliness and taking it away. some of the letters say that i saved them. but the truth is, you saved me.

i love love love you all,


(oh and i’m not sure who that other grace was that said she was me? but hello other grace)


First off, happy belated birthday. 

I miss you. I miss you so desperately. I’m a wreck without you in my life. I wish things wouldn’t have ended the way they did. I would give my life for one more day. I hope you are doing well. Nothing has changed for me. I still love you. I’m still all yours if you’ll have me. 




I’ve tried writing this a few times before but I feel I could never get it right.I’m unsure about a lot of things but I’m sure I like you. 

I’m really scared because I always do this where I take things too fast and I end up getting hurt but I’m also scared for you. I can be really difficult and I think you’re starting to figure that out. I don’t think you’re just gonna give up on me like people have in the past but I don’t want to hurt you. I really really want to take things slow because neither of us have been in a relationship and I want to do things right with you. even if we end up not being together I hope we can be friends.

from the girl that got you hooked on Teen Wolf

~ d


I check this page every once in a while to see if you’ve written something. I know that it’s pointless, neither of us are the type to put our emotions out for everyone to see and yet, here I am. I think about that faux last message you sent (I kinda wish it ended there, it would have been a lot less messy than my blowing up at you) and it reminds me of when we were on good terms. it gives me hope for the upcoming years and whether you decide to stay where you are or move, I’ll be here. 

I know that me saying that I’ll always be here isn’t a very good thing. you know how consistent and reliable I am, so me saying this shouldn’t be much of a surprise to you. you’ve hurt me an unsurmountable amount of times and yet, just like with every other relationship (wether it be romantic or not) I can’t seem to hold a grudge. I know I should hate you with all of my being and sometimes I do, but my body and mind can’t function when I am full of anger so I’ve learned to let go. I have begun to heal from the mental scars you’ve caused me, and I have made so many new friends now that you’re gone. 

Yes, I will admit, I miss you. At least the 3% of the time that I’ve known you that you didn’t have ulterior motives, but even in the other 97% there were some memories worth keeping. Half of me wishes that you see this and reach out, (if you aren’t sure then you should know that I want my shirt back-side note supernatural is wild this season like holy fuck, and that krampus wasn’t a very good movie, so I won that argument) you should know that my blow up was not entirely because of you. A lot was your fault, you had no right to question me like that and so out of the blue (quite rude actually, you need to work on that if I’m being completely honest, which I am), but the other half was serious family problems that I had no outlet for, until you texted me on that random January afternoon (I still want to know why we just stopped talking all of a sudden). I’m sorry that I used you as a scapegoat of sorts, but at the same time, I’m not. I had to say those things and while it wasn’t very elegant, now you know.The other half of me that hopes you don’t see this is writing this to get everything out. I like to write everything out so that I can get all of my emotions in order, and this page a great place for me to do so with you. My life is about to drastically change in so many areas that I want to be as at peace as I possibly can, and I am hoping that this letter helps with that.

If we cross paths at any point in our lives, don’t be afraid to come up to me (you should know that unless i am extremely not in my right mind, or feeling super ballsy, I’ll probably be too scared to). Don’t pull any of that Plucker parking lot shit, half the time I’m not that smart to pick up what you’re putting down. But really, I know we’re pretty much the same when it comes to confrontations and social stuff like that, but know that I’ll probably be too afraid to go up to you myself, so just bridge the gap. (PLZ, I feel like we would both regret it, kinda like that airport dream you told me about)

Even in sadness I’m trying to find happiness and I hope you do the same,


8:17pm// have you ever been a serious relationship before
8:25pm//I dated someone like a year & a half ago & after we broke up we talked on & off until a few months ago, like I was serious about him but the feelings weren’t mutual- I wouldn’t call that relationship or anyone I’ve talked to having been “serious”
8:46pm// like did you fall in love or?
/// no response… But she knew that she did and still is in love with him that’s why she can’t talk to this new boy.
—  She still can’t talk about him with out being upset

pure inspiration

Every year I make a bunch of stupid Valentines for my gorgeous wife. They’re mostly inside jokes, and even the ones that aren’t probably aren’t very funny to anyone but us. But I like making them, and I think she likes seeing them so I’ll keep it up until she tells me to stop. Or she divorces me.