Catiel's Daughter~One Shot

Castiel and his Daughter

You were in the kitchen, trying to decide what to make for dinner, when you heard your husband having a very strange conversation with your five year old daughter Delilah.
“Then you can just stab them with your hair barrettes.” You heard him say. Raising your eyebrows, you walked into the living room, where they were. You saw Delilah sitting on his lap, giggling about something.
“Why are you teaching my baby violence?” You said crossing your arms. He looked over at you and smirked.
“I’m not teaching her violence, I’m teaching her self-defense.” He explained. You sighed and rolled your eyes. Delilah got down off of his lap and ran over to you, wrapping her arms around your legs.
“Hi mommy!” She said smiling at you. She was the spitting image of you, but she had Castiel’s dark hair and his smoldering grey eyes. Of course, they were more angelic looking on her though. You smiled back at her and kneeled down so that you were eye level with her.
“Hi sweetheart,” you said wrapping your arms around her. “So, what exactly was Daddy talking to you about, hmm?” You asked. She laughed and looked over at him.
“He said if boys try to touch me at school, then I get to stab them with my hair barrettes.” She finished the sentence giggling. You shook your head and glared at Castiel.
“What?” He asked, still smirking. You stood up and sighed.
“Babe, I blame you if she gets in trouble at school for that.” Walking back into the kitchen, you set her down in a chair. You sighed and crossed your arms.
“You guys wanna order a pizza? I don’t feel like cooking,” you said as you dialed the number.
“Fine with me.” Castiel called from the loving room.
“Yay, pizza! I like pizza. How come Daddy never cooks?” She asked, drawing in her sketchbook. You smirked and looked over at Cas.
“That’s because he’ll probably burn the house down.” He looked up at your comment and glared.
“Hey, I can cook, I just don’t like to. You forget that I lived on my own as a teen?”
“Castiel, you lived off of frozen meals and McDonald’s, I don’t think you could count that as cooking.” You giggled as he rolled his eyes at you.
“Daddy, can you play with me?” Delilah asked sweetly. He smiled and nodded, as she dragged him upstairs to her room. You shook your head at him. Delilah had him wrapped around her little finger. Giggling to yourself you went into the living room to straighten up a bit. You picked up Lilah’s toys and put them in a basket to carry upstairs. After you picked the trash off the coffee table you sat on the couch and turned on the TV, waiting on the pizza to come. You watched a few re-runs of your favorite drama, silently cursing out the enemy of the main character. As the show went on to a commercial, the doorbell rang and you grabbed the money from your wallet. You opened the door and smiled at the delivery boy, who delivered your pizza very often.
“Hey, Damien. How’ve you been?” You said handing him the money. He smiled at you and shrugged.
“Eh, I’ve been okay. Work has been keeping me busy. What about you?”
“I’m good. Lilah has been keeping ME busy. She’s such a cutie,” you smiled.
“You have to stop moving or I’ll mess up!!” You heard Lilah’s voice say.
“Okay then…? Haha, well you should get going, it’s starting to get colder outside.” You said to him. Damien nodded, handed the pizza over to you and waved goodbye as you shut the door and placed it on the table.
You grabbed the basket of toys, taking it upstairs with you to tell them the food was waiting. You could overhear Lilah’s voice. She was saying, “Daddy, stop moving! We have to add this on your eye lashes!!” Raising your eyebrow, you walked faster to see what they were doing. You opened the door to Lilah’s room. “Babe, Lilah, the food is-……” You stopped dead in your tracks and look at Castiel. He was sitting on Lilah’s princess chair, with a tiara on his head, and a cape around his neck. On his eyelids, he had blue glittery eye shadow, two bright red dots of blush on his face, and extremely vibrant hot pink lipstick.
You slowly placed the basket down and covered your mouth, trying to stifle your laughter.
“Don’t you say a damn word, (Y/N),” he growled.
“I…. I just… I mean, wow. Just… HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” You couldn’t help but fall to your knees in laughter. He just looked so ridiculous, it was impossible to keep it in.
“Now Daddy looks fabulous.” Delilah said proudly, giving Castiel a mirror to look at himself in. His eyes widened and he sighed deeply. Lilah sat in his lap and smiled. “Do you like it Mommy?”
You nodded your head, still laughing, but silently. Castiel rolled his eyes and ruffled Delilah’s hair.
“Honestly the things you can make me do for you…” He wiped the lipstick off of his mouth and kissed her cheek. “I love you, Lilah.”
You smiled at the two of them as you watched the sweet interaction.
“Love you too!” She gave his cheek a wet kiss and smiled. “Can we play ‘Barbies’ now?”
Castiel sighed once again and rolled his eyes. “….Fine… One more time.”

*next morning, 12:00 p.m*

You rushed over to get your phone before it stopped ringing. It was Delilah’s school calling.
You slid the answer option over and put the phone to your ear.
“Yes, hello. Is this Delilah’s mother?”
“Yes, how may I help you.”
“I’m Delilah’s teacher, Mrs. Smith. I’m calling because there was an incident with Delilah and another student, where she stabbed him with her hair barrettes…”
You slowly looked over at Castiel, who was smirking and silently clapping, and gave him a death glare.

~Dina (sorry if my writing is a little rusty… Bleh >_<)

Girls of MCL: Wedding dresses! Version 1

Melody’s Wedding Dress

She would have something bright and girly, something that makes her feel like a princess.

Rosalya’s Wedding Dress

She would have something that’s sexy and hugs her body at the top ;) She would probably make it herself. She’d also want to show a bit (a lot) of leg. It would make the other women in the room feel extremely jealous. She would be the center of attention.

Violet’s Wedding Dress

She would have some kind of girly and pretty. It wouldn’t be too extravagant but it would still make her stand out. She’d look like an angel.

Peggy’s Wedding Dress

She would have something form-fitting, but it would still flare out. It wouldn’t trail behind her as much as it is in the picture. Her curves would stand out a lot more in this dress.

Charlotte’s Wedding Dress

She would have something similar to this. It wouldn’t trail behind her like that though. Sexy enough to make her stand out, and it would fit her like a glove. She wouldn’t be into the whole princess dress thing.

Li’s Wedding Dress

I think Li would have a very tight-fitting dress. It would be something like this, with maybe a belt on it. And she would have a beautiful flower in her hair.

Amber’s Wedding Dress

Even though Amber loves the extravagant life, her dress would be a little more low key. I don’t see her in some big fancy wedding gown, it’d be a little too much, even for her. But it would be extravagant enough to make her feel like a queen.

Capucine’s Wedding Dress

Her wedding dress would be girly and form-fitting. But it would also flare out. She’d carry a bouquet of pretty light pink flowers. I think she would look better with some sleeves.

Kim’s Wedding Dress

Her dress would definitely be tight fitting. She would probably show a litte more back and maybe a bit of cleavage. She’d be extremely confident and sexy as she walked down the aisle. Her wedding would be so awesome and fun.

Last, but not least, Candy’s Wedding Dress!!!

Personally for me, I think Candy would look so beautiful in a dress like this. I don’t see her wearing some princess looking dress, or some sexy tight fitting dress. It would be elegant and heavenly-looking. Depending on which boy you choose in the game, your taste in dresses may be different.

Version 2 coming soon!~