The signs as words or sentences

Aries: If it makes you happy, do it. If it doesn’t, then don’t.

Taurus: Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

Gemini: Don’t grew up. It’s a trap.

Cancer: Imagine.

Leo: Never stop dreaming.

Virgo: The world is ugly, But you’re beautiful to me.

Libra: If you can see beauty in everything, you are an artist.

Scorpio: Hell is empty. All the devils are here.

Sagittarius: Explore.

Capricorn: You can’t fix yourself by breaking someone else.

Aquarius: Sometimes, all we need is an escape from reality.

Pisces: Cute.

Signs as Badlands (Halsey) Songs

Aries: New Americana

Taurus: Hurricane

Gemini: Roman Holiday

Cancer: Drive

Leo: Castle

Virgo: Control

Libra: Ghost

Scorpio: Young God

Sagittarius: Coming Down

Capricorn: Haunting

Aquarius: Hold Me Down

Pisces: Colors