Happy 26th birthday to you, Park Kyungri. I just want to let you know how proud I am of you and all of your accomplishments. You’ve come so far and I hope you don’t ever give up on your dreams. You’re my beautiful shining star, my queen. Behind all the makeup, you’re just a weird normal human being that I adore so much. Keep on doing you, baby girl. I’ll be by your side until the end of time, rooting for you. May all your wishes continue to come true. #HappyGangDay2015

Update on Voting

Nine Muses are currently first place on The Show chart! (http://music.tudou.com/theshow/201535.html) They are leading by 1.90 points over AOA, and 3.18 points over Teen Top.

However, before the charts shut down for the day (or a period of time) Teen Top was gaining quickly and Nine Muses was falling. We can’t let this happen T_T

In order to vote and have your votes counted you need to: follow @SBS_MTV on Twitter, and tweet including all three keywords: @SBS_MTV,  #나인뮤지스 and #더쇼. If you can’t see your tweets in the tag don’t panic! Check if you have the tags correct, and if you do Twitter is most likely not showing you all results due to certain filtering protocols it has with small accounts. Try using tweet deck to search the tags for true results.

Also, it’s Kyungri’s birthday today, so help us keep Nine Muses at the top! At this rate we could gift both Kyungri and Sungah with a trophy for their birthdays!

The polls will be closing on July 6th so we have to keep fighting until then. It’s been five years but it’s time for Namyu to get their win!

i really hope 9muses wins on the show mtv :( it’s been so long and they really need a win and hurt locker is so good!!! guys we need to help by tweeting  @SBS_MTV   #나인뮤지스  #더쇼 in your tweets, i’ve already spammed it on my other twitter account lol


9Muses Hurt Locker @ MuCore


the fanchants and cheering im so happy this is so amazing 9muses deserve everything