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Fic: As You Are (9/13)

Harry/Louis (Liam/Zayn)
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AU. Five years after The X Factor launched his career as a radio host and songwriter, Louis Tomlinson returns as a judge and mentor. Falling for a contestant is the last thing he needs. It’s also against his contract.

The only reason Harry auditions for The X Factor is because his best mate signed the two of them up as some kind of joke. Harry doesn’t get the big deal—not until he’s faced with this season’s judges and realises that one of them used to be his desperate, impossible teenage crush.

[I. Auditions]
[II. Bootcamp]
[III. Judges’ Houses]
[IV. Judges’ Decisions]
[V. Wildcards]
[VI. The X Factor House]
[VII. Live Shows]
[VIII. Live Shows]
[IX. Interlude]

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[Spotify Playlist], both to keep track of the songs mentioned in the story as well as some songs that just work well with it, supplied by the fabulous Lynn.


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Putting your Child in Timeout

So I am working on a part two for BUiH2D, for the rest of the boys, but I’m not really sure on how I want them to end so they won’t be up until later this week. hopefully. 


“Oh shit” Zayn cussed stubbing his toe on the side table. “oh shit daddy!” your daughter repeated after him. She giggled and danced around as you walked into the bedroom. “Isabella Tristan Malik time out right this instant” you replied sternly with your hands on your hip. She looked at you confused. “You said a very bad word and little children, especially my little girl does not use that type of language.” “but Daddy said„” you raised your hand to silence her and turned to Zayn. “Zayn Malik corner now!” you pointed to the wall. Zayn sighed “well did you have to bring me down with you” he hissed at his daughter. You smiled and laid across the bed to watch your offenders do their time.


Davis had been fussy all morning but Liam insisted you all stop by the store on the way home from the beach. “Davis will you please sit still for mommy” you cooed at your teary eyed three year old son. He pushed your hand away from his cheek and continued to fuss and strain from the buggy. Before you knew it he was screaming bloody murder over a juice Liam wouldn’t let him have. The whole store watched as you and Liam waited in check out. In the car he continued to cry so when you got home you weren’t surprised when Liam popped him and made him sit in time out. After unpacking the groceries Liam made his way to your son, “Davis, daddy is sorry for punishing you but you were misbehaving, can you tell daddy why you were put in time out and then apologize to mommy?” Liam asked picking up his son.


“Louis get Easton right now!” you screamed from the basement. Louis came hurdling down the stairs to see what was wrong. “What’s he doing love?” he asked watching you bend over the washing machine to pull out the wet laundry. As you threw it in the dryer Easton was taking them out. Louis giggled and picked him up. “Fuck dada” he screamed. Both you and Louis were dumbfounded. “Easton you do not say those words” Louis said. “You will sit in the timeout chair for three minutes” Easton cried loudly “No dada noooo” “Easton we will not tolerate this behavior” Louis said sitting him in the chair. You walked over to Louis and wrapped your arms around him “Go easy on him will ya, he’s my only son” you teased.


Harry laid in bed with his daughter waiting for his wife to get home. “Where ma.ma.” Eloree pouted. “She’ll be home soon my love” he said giving her a kiss on the cheek. “I want Mama” she screamed. “Eloree Ann inside voice” he replied firmly, rubbing her back. “No harry” she said slapping his hand away and then slapping his face. “In the corner right now” he said putting her off the bed and on to her feet. She stomped away and in to the corner crying. Y/n walked in shortly after to a sad looking Harry and Eloree crying hysterically in the corner. “What happened babe” she asked Harry. “MAMA!!!” Eloree screamed running to your knees.


“Okay no running” you called after your two year old son and husband” “okay no running” your son repeated after you. You smiled and went back to cooking. Niall joined you shortly after leaving Crosin to play by himself. About an hour later you heard your son say “Okay no running. Go time out” You walked into the den to find him climbing into the timeout chair. He was only seated for about 45 seconds before he jumped up. “Otay now what did you learn Cross” he mumbled to himself. “NO running in house. Rangerous!” He smiled pleased with himself. “You giggled and scooped your son into your arms. “I love you Crosin James” you smiled

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K, 2015



Preference #9- Sneaking Out

Louis: You were curled up on your bed enjoying the pitter patter of rain and your book when you heard a different noise. The little click startled you at first, but then it continued. You looked at your window and saw the tiny pebbles hitting your window one after another. “Jesus”you muttered, as you got up and went to your window. You looked out and saw your boyfriend drenched. He was smiling up at you and you laughed. You opened your window allowing yourself to get covered in rain also. You shrieked at the cold water that hit you, but you soon adjusted and loved the cool feeling against your skin. “What the hell do you think you’re doing exactly?” you yelled down to your laughing boyfriend. “Well I think I came to bust you out of this place for some real fun” he said with a smirk on his face. How could you say no to that face. He had come all the way to your house in the pouring rain and there he stood at the base of your house. His gorgeous hair matted down, but his eyes shone just as bright as usual. You looked back at your room before beginning to climb out your window. Your parents were already asleep and as long as they didn’t wake up to see their daughter shimmying out of her window, this wouldn’t be a huge challenge. But you were stealthy and you landed on the ground with a huge grin on your face. “Well hello there my little rebel girl,” Louis said as he leaned in for a kiss. You laughed before pressing your lips to his. Both of you were drenched and had no destination, but you didn’t care.

Zayn: You were in your room and you were fuming. Your parents found out that you had been dating Bradford’s bad boi, Zayn Malik. They had heard the rumors about him and they hated him from that moment on. Now for them to hear from the neighbors that you were caught on the back of his motorcycle had them beyond pissed. They had grounded you for two months and they forbid you from dating him. You paced back in forth desperately wanting to talk to him, but they had taken your phone as well. You flopped onto your stomach on top of your bed and screamed into your sheets. They didn’t get it. He was so much more than what’s on the outside. He was loving, and sweet, and beautiful in every way possible. Your anger soon turned to sadness as you thought of how you wouldn’t be able to be with your perfect boyfriend. Through your sobs you heard knocking. You looked to your door, but it wasn’t coming from there. You then looked to your window and saw your bad boy. You rushed to your window and opened it. Zayn saw how upset you were and immediately wiped away your tears. “Babe what’s going on? I’ve been calling you like crazy and I got worried so I came to check on you and I see my beautiful girl crumbling. What’s wrong” he asked worriedly. You just cried into him and couldn’t manage to get the words out. Luckily you had a small house so Zayn was balancing on top of a garbage can in your side yard. You stayed like that for a few minutes, him just holding you as you fell apart. You pulled away and stared into his beautiful brown eyes. “Take me away from here” you whispered. He needed no other information. He kissed you before helping you out. Once you were out you ran to his motorcycle and hopped on the back. You latched onto Zayn as you sped away from this prison you called home.

Harry: You were working on your mountain of homework when you got a text from your boyfriend. “Hey baby is it time for a study break yet :)” You sighed sadly before responding. “no :( i’ve still got so much shit to do, but I’d much rather be with you” You heard a ringtone go off from outside and then soon after you got another text. “Maybe you can ;) look out your window” You got up and looked outside to see your boyfriend holding up a bag from Trader Joes grinning proudly. He yell/whispered “Too late. I already got the snacks and you’ve been studying all day. You need some Harry time.” You grinned before signaling for him to climb up. He began clumsily trying to get up to your window. You laughed at his attempts, but eventually he was at your window grinning just as big as you are. “May I come in?” he asked. You sighed and pretended to contemplate your decision. “I need two things,” you said. He raised a questioning eyebrow before letting you finish. “I need to see those snacks and I need a kiss” He laughed at your requests before setting the bag down and grabbing your face. “Will this do” he whispered against your lips before pulling your lips onto his. You pulled away and whispered “That’ll do.” You both laughed before you let him in. “Now about those snacks” you questioned again.

Niall: You were having a chill night at home when your boyfriend Niall texted you. “BABE GUESS WHAT I’M DOING RIGHT NOW” You laughed at how excited he was. You decided to mimic his excitement. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” You got a response within seconds that read, “I AM WATCHING DRAGON TALES MOTHERFUCKER” You laughed before responding. “OMG DRAGON TALES USED TO BE MY SHIT”. You conversation carried on like this before he asked. “WAIT ARE YOU AT YOUR HOUSE RN” You immediately knew where this was going, but you answered back with a, “YES”. “I NEED YOU TO SNEAK OUT AND COME OVER” he said. You quickly responded “I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO SAY THAT. I SWEAR TO JESUS I CALLED IT IN MY HEAD.” He responded, “YESSS. THEN COME. I NEED YOU.” You thought it over. It was currently 12:30 AM and your parents were fast asleep. You thought it over in your head. Essentially you could, but your mom was a light sleeper and if you got caught she would flip her shit. It took you a minute before you responded, “WE NEED A PLAN” The next 45 minutes were spent making a plan and preparing for you to sneak out. You had never snuck out before and you were honestly freaking out. You had your phone in hand. bag on your shoulder and note in hand. The note said “Hey mom! Right now I’m at Starbucks with Niall. I didn’t wanna wake you up this morning, but text text me when you get up. Love, (Y/N).” You were literally shaking as you put one sock clad foot in front of the other. Your parents bedroom was at the end of the hallway and once you turned the corner to your stairs you let out a sigh. You nearly fell on your fucking ass as you stepped down. You placed the note on the counter before heading to the back door. You tried to be as quiet as possible while unlocking it, but it screeched and you nearly shit yourself. You quickly stepped out and locked the door behind you. You let out a breath that you didn’t realize you had been holding in. You quickly ran down your driveway. Once you knew you were safely out you put on your shoes and began walking the few blocks to Niall’s house. You looked down at your phone and saw you had 10 new messages you replied a simple, “I’m out”. “HOLY SHIT (Y/N) YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME. DON’T LEAVE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN. NOW PLEASE TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE AT ALL TIMES” While you walked you had your key tucked in your knuckles just in case you saw anybody and every minute you updated Niall on your destination. Finally you were at his house and you rushed to his back door. There was your idiot boyfriend on his phone worriedly glancing up, but once you two saw each other you just started laughing. You don’t know why exactly you were laughing, but at that moment something was hilarious. He opened the door and after locking it behind you, the two of you ran upstairs past his moms room. You fell onto his bed laughing like crazy and Niall fell next to you both of you laughing at the fact that you had actually just snuck out. After calming down a bit you looked at him and asked seriously, “So what episode are you on?”

Liam: Of course you were upset. You had plans to go to a concert with Liam that night, but your parents had grounded you. They saw the grade you had gotten on your last Spanish test and were pissed. You were usually a straight A student, so when they saw your grade they grounded you and weren’t letting you go out. You texted Liam sadly that you couldn’t go, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He called you and said, “This is just unacceptable.” You knew he was mad and just let him have a moment to rant before you cut him off and said, “Liam I’m upset too and I still really want to go out, but I can’t do anything about this.” “Oh yes you can” he responded. He then spent the next 15 minutes coming up with a plan of how you were going to sneak out and go to the concert. You had to admit that his plan was good and he had convinced you. You followed his plan and waited till your parents were asleep. You got out of bed and put on a nicer outfit. You then quietly snuck downstairs and opened your back door. Unfortunately your dog saw you and you had to quickly stop him from barking. Once he was back in his bed and calmed down you sighed and closed your door behind you. As Liam had promised you he was right there and once you saw each other you both smiled and laughed. You stepped in front of him and he wrapped his arms around your waist while you wrapped yours around his neck. “So,” you said, “I heard theres this really awesome concert going on right now and I just so happened to have another ticket” you teased. “Would you wanna go?” you finished. “Well,” he started as his grip on your hips tightened,”the thing is I have this super hot girlfriend and she’s a total badass and is sneaking out of her house to go to this concert” he teased back. You giggled before you stood on your tiptoes to kiss him. You pulled away and said,”Well I believe we have a concert to get to.”

Hey so a little note. 1st thank you to drflukehemmmings and harryshairy for helping me edit. Also if you’re wondering why the Niall one is so long it’s because this actually happened to me, but instead of Niall it was me and harryshairy. I had to change it a tiny bit, but this is practically nonfiction. so ya. enjoy,

Undisclosed Desires, 4

Within in the week, Niall takes you on two more dates.  

The second is to a local team’s baseball game - Niall says it isn’t really his sport, but the two of you get popcorn and soda and he finds himself cheering for the home team anyway.  Your seats are terrible, but no one recognizes Niall in his heavy coat and ballcap, and if you miss a few batters because he’s kissing you quite thoroughly, well, no harm no foul.  Afterward, you actually introduce him to a friend you have on the team and you watch Niall straighten up a bit, puff out his chest, and it’s so silly, but it makes you warm and fuzzy on the inside anyway.

Harry texts you pretty regularly before and after each date; always a hello and an inquiry about how you’re doing, if you had a good time with Niall.  You look forward to them almost as much as the dates.

The third date, Niall takes you to a quiet, hole in the wall pub that you didn’t even know existed until the car pulled up to the sidewalk outside of it.  It’s warm inside and the food is better than expected, not to mention the drinks are affordable.  You get carded at the bar, but no one seems to ask if the fellow with you ought to have that long neck bottle you set down in front of Niall.  You share a secret smile, but he orders water the rest of the evening while you warm yourself up on a couple more beers.

Out on the sidewalk, holding open the door of the black sedan, he says, “My plane leaves tomorrow afternoon.”

You bite your lip and tell him, “I was wondering when you’d have to go.”

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