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[TEASER] Mingyu & Seungkwan @ Baek Jongwon’s Three Great Emperors

i know i went in on this lydia deetz-ass emo motherfucker who keeps sneaking onto my moon the other day but let’s keep it going. let’s just ride this wave as long as we can. i know we’ve established that he’s a godservant or whatever under zone of truth no less but what are her hiring criteria?? like what do you wear to an interview with the raven queen? i mean i can probably guess, it starts with H and ends with Ot Topic. and don’t even get me started on the fucking rat baby boyfriend. role reversal for the ages right there! greasy prep and well-groomed emo ive simply never heard of anything like it. taako since you entered this bureau my life has never known peace. snakes started manifesting physically in my office and i mean that entirely literally and i want to know how you’re doing it. i have to give at LEAST four pep talks a day to cafeteria workers that you’ve emotionally battered and do not EVEN get me started on the benefits i’ve had to placate leon with to get him to stay on this moon. THE MAN DESERVES TO RETIRE. and YOU, avi…